Weekly Course Starts

A cohort of one means you can start your program whenever you’re ready.

At NCU, every course is taught one-to-one. Our class size of one means every course can be started any week of the year. Unlike semester or quarterly enrollment schedules, as a student at NCU, you do not have to worry about wait lists, cancelled courses due to under enrollment, or delays in your schedule because the course you need isn't available.

I needed a school that fit my lifestyle as an adult learner with a full-time job. NCU is regionally accredited and met my scheduling needs because it is completely online. It also has a very good One-to-One program between faculty mentors and students.
-- Debra McManimon, PhD in Business Administration 

In addition, our weekly course starts combined with no physical residency requirements and the convenience of online learning ensures you have the flexibility you need to pursue your personal and professional goals at Northcentral University. Contact an NCU Enrollment Advisor today at 866-776-0331 for more information about how NCU can work with you to help you fit your program of interest into your life. 

Northcentral University requires students to maintain continuous enrollment and be in attendance at least once every 28 calendar days from the last date of recorded attendance. See the NCU Course Catalog for more information.

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