A More Prepared Professional

A Students life is filled with a plethora of documents, certificates and licenses that chronicle development and progress. From the first finger painting and birth certificate to a high school diploma, drivers license and certificate of marriage, these materials also represent a persons skills and abilities. A Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) specifically illustrates an individuals dedication to their professional advancement and specialty in a particular field.

A professional who has earned a Masters degree but is seeking to advance in their chosen field or to embark on a new career, may pursue this course of study in a number of selected specializations.

Northcentral University offers Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies through the schools of Business, Education and Psychology. The certificates are generally earned after the completion of six courses, many of which are of doctoral level and structured to prepare a professional for a dynamic and rewarding career.

A Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies catalyzes a professionals career advancement by demonstrating to employers and supervisors a sophisticated proficiency in a field (which others may lack), driven motivation, and interest in continual learning.

To apply for a Northcentral University CAGS program, a Student must have a Masters degree and be prepared to also submit a current resume. For more information, please visit www.ncu.edu or call 1-866-776-0331.

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