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Tools & Training

Soft Chalk - Create interactive lessons and assessments (various price points, beginning with free, K-Higher Education)

Google Forms Tutorial - Survey students, track assignments, and quickly assess with Google Forms.

Remind App Tutorial - Two-way communication tool for teacher-student and teacher-caregiver. 

Padlet Possibilities Tutorial - Teachers, colleagues, and students can collect ideas text, links, videos, images and more. - Dr. Maggie Broderick & Dr. Erin Hansman

Text Expansion Tutorial - Dr. Robert George

Design for Learning Website - Dr. Judith Boettcher, VESC podcast guest

Zoom Meeting Tutorials

Pearson Digital Webinar Series



Purchase Designing and Delivering Effective Online Instruction – Dr. Linda Dale Bloomberg

Hall Fitness – online fitness coach

Resilient Educator Website - Tips and Tools for strengthening resilience



Linda Bloomberg: Completing your Qualitative Dissertation: A roadmap from beginning to end - Linda Dale Bloomberg

What Matters Most: Dr. Eddie Moore - Dr. Eddie Moore is the founder of The National White Privilege Conference