About VESC

What is VESC?

Since 1996, NCU has been a premier fully online university. At NCU, we know virtual education has the power to increase equity and opportunity for learning. Seeing the need for improving virtual teaching and learning from Kindergarten through college, the School of Education at NCU launched VESC. We are grateful for the NCU faculty members, students, outside agencies and experts in the field of virtual education who continue to be willing to share their knowledge and experience with VESC.


Our mission is to increase educational equity by improving virtual teaching and learning. Drawing on the expertise of NCU faculty, students, and educational organizations, the Virtual Education Support Center (VESC) at Northcentral University, addresses the critical need to improve virtual education from Kindergarten through Higher Education.

The NCU VESC Faculty Work Group

Amy E. Lyn, PhD - Director, VESC / Assistant Professor
Ashley Babcock, EdD - Associate Dean of Faculty / Professor
Katie Buvoltz, PhD - Associate Director, Faculty Support and Development / Associate Professor
Linda Bloomberg, EdD - Associate Director, Faculty Support and Development / Professor
Barbara Hall, PhD - Professor
Robert George, PhD - Professor
Craig Stern, EdD - Professor
Brandy Kamm, PhD - Professor
Linda Cummins, PhD - Professor
Cary Gillenwater, PhD - Associate Professor
Maggie Broderick, PhD - Associate Professor
Laurie Bedford, PhD - Associate Professor
Michael Hollis, PhD - Assistant Professor
Linda Collins, EdD - Part-Time Faculty
Erin Hansman, PhD - Part-Time Faculty
Vera Dolan, PhD - Part-Time Faculty
Audrey Rabas, PhD - Part-Time Faculty