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5 Organizational Tips for Grad Students

Organization skills are vital for graduate school success. But if you’re having trouble getting things organized, this article offers several tips.

5 Great Podcasts for Grad Students

Looking for a podcast specifically created for graduate students? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best out there.

Research Tips for College Students: Finding Relevant Information Quickly

The internet is a massive collection of information. According to LiveScience, there were one billion websites as of September 2014, but that number changes minute by minute. When completing a higher education degree, finding relevant information quickly can be crucial to success. With a few internet research tips, you can achieve better results and develop a more thorough understanding of your topic.

Seeking Employment? First Step: Manage Your Online Reputation

Before posting that selfie of yourself at a rock concert, or making a statement about the current state of politics, you might want to stop and think. What may seem funny or clever at the time, could come back and bite you. If you’re seeking employment, it’s especially important to consider ways to manage your online reputation.

5 Great Websites Every Graduate Student Should Bookmark

When considering research tools for graduate students, one source we look to is the internet. As of late 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites in cyberspace. There is more information available in a Google search than most people can comprehend. Sometimes, however, a quick Google search may not return exactly what you’re seeking when conducting research as part of your graduate degree program.

Top 10 New Business Books

At NCU, we pride ourselves on teaching cutting-edge business ideas, theories and strategies in the classroom. However, innovative ideas and concepts are not limited to scholarly mediums. Best-selling books, readily available to anyone, are full of creative, innovative, and effective practices and methods. With hundreds of thousands of business books available on Amazon alone, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Here we’ve culled down the list to our top 10 best business books to read from last year:

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