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Lifelong Learner Mickey Fitch-Collins Shares Doctoral Journey

A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Mickey Fitch-Collins is a committed NCU doctoral student who currently is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Education with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education. As the Assistant Director of the Educational Success Center for the University of Wisconsin-Superior, Mickey understands the importance of education and the hurdles students face.

The Power of Persistence – Meet Alumna Sandi Aurand Bosch

Sandi Aurand Bosch has never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome. She’s faced many in her remarkable life; though often delayed, she never abandoned important goals – even while homeless.

Learn How You’ll Work

Increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in achieving student outcomes, online learning is providing access to higher education and the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning.

Characteristics of a Successful Online Student

One of the fastest growing education trends in the United States is online learning. According to the 2015 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group, more than one in four students in 2015 took at least one distance education course. That means that nearly 6 million students every year in the U.S. take online classes.

How Do Online Classes Work at NCU?

Northcentral University (NCU), founded in 1996, uses today’s most cutting-edge technology to make online classes accessible for everyone. As the recent 2017 graduating class shows, graduates ranged in age from 21 to 80, and many started with no technology expertise. So how do online classes work at NCU, and what is the NCU difference?

Taking Your Education on Vacation: The Benefits of Online Learning

Ah, summer! For many, it means sun, relaxation and vacation. Adult students who are pursuing a higher degree, however, may be concerned that taking a summer vacation could delay graduation. The benefit of online learning is that you can take your studies on the road.

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