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The Doctoral Psychology Program at Northcentral University is a non-clinical program. So what does that actually mean?

The Doctoral Psychology Program at Northcentral University is a non-clinical program. So what does that actually mean?

Transitioning to the World of Online Learning: Preparing Higher Education Instructors and Students for Success

Linda Dale Bloomberg EdD

Why I Teach - By Annabelle Goodwin

I have been teaching at Northcentral University for nearly 7 years. When I first began, I had a partner, a toddler, an infant, and a yellow lab named Parker. As I met with my students on the phone or through video conferencing, I was struck by the wonderful diversity of people who were showing up to study marriage and family therapy with the purpose of bringing healing to others and to themselves. My students inspire me. They come from all different backgrounds, have unique lives and professional experiences, and they are hard-working.

How an Advanced Degree Can Lead You to Career Success

As we enter 2019, August 2018 graduates at NCU are at least five months past the completion of their program. Soon enough, they'll be pursuing new career paths in their desired fields, and in order to find gainful employment, there are several resources they can take advantage of to make the process easier. 

Learn How You’ll Work

Increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in achieving student outcomes, online learning is providing access to higher education and the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning.

Trends in Higher Education: NCU Faculty Weigh In

Some of the most prevalent higher education trends in the news today include the use of technology, closer scrutiny on accreditation, great instructor-student cooperation, the need for online options, and a changing student demographic. Northcentral University professors recently sat down and discussed some of the higher education trends they see and how they impact education at NCU.

Trends in Higher Education Expected in 2017

In an ever-changing environment, education, like all professions, must adapt to maintain its relevancy and accessibility. Advances in technology, along with a new political administration, can have impacts on higher education as well as K-12 schools.  

Trends in Higher Education We Can Expect in 2017

“It’s actually difficult to predict the future right now,” says Dr. Melanie Shaw, Assistant Dean of Northcentral University’s School of Education. “There is a lot not yet known in terms of the new administration’s direction on education.”

Announcing the October NCU 20th Anniversary Grant Recipients

Northcentral University is pleased to announce the recipients of an October NCU 20th Anniversary Grant. Twenty new students pursuing master’s or doctoral degree programs* in Business, Education or Psychology were selected to receive a grant valued at $2,000. 

The NCU 20th Anniversary Grant recipients by School and program are:

School of Business and Technology Management: 

Higher Education Career Paths Inside and Outside the Classroom

When it comes to choosing your higher education career path, it's all about finding the best fit for your interests and goals. Like most fields, higher education is exceedingly diverse and caters to a range of professionals with varying levels of education and expertise.

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