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Careers you could pursue with a criminal justice degree

The criminal justice system relies upon professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to function properly. This provides many opportunities for those interested in pursuing a criminal justice career. Like most fields, working in criminal justice related roles often means having the right mix of education and experience.

Careers After Law Enforcement: Insight from Dr. Gabriele Suboch

During Law Enforcement Appreciation month, NCU wants to take a moment to recognize law enforcement officials who have dedicated their lives to upholding law and order throughout their communities. Those who serve in law enforcement deserve support and respect when it comes to their days in service, and after they're finished, they should be able to take advantage of new opportunities to further their success.

5 Most Common White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are on the rise, and they can impact their victims profoundly. We list some of the most common white collar crimes in this article.

What Types of Jobs Can You Pursue with a Doctorate in Criminal Justice?

If you’re an individual with a passion to “serve and protect,” there’s an entire list of criminal justice careers potentially waiting for you. These include jobs in investigation firms, international and environmental law, police departments, institutional corrections, and other government agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

What Can I Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

The criminal justice system is a vast sector with opportunities for those with higher degrees and leadership skills. An advanced business degree specializing in criminal justice can help you in developing the competencies needed to pursue leadership positions in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, teaching or private consulting fields.

What can I do with a criminal justice degree?

Have you always had a desire to help others? Do you have a sense of justice and fairness? 

June NCU Bright Future Recipient: Wanda Malave

Bridging the Gap Between Communities and Law Enforcement

Wanda Malave has a peaceful vision. For the past 27 years, she’s dreamed of facilitating positive change between local law enforcement and the communities they serve—and, the full tuition NCU Bright Future Scholarship will support her journey to achieve it.

“It feels as if I’ve received a dose of strength and vigor to keep moving forward,” she says of being one of the recipients of the June scholarship.

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