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Career Spotlight: Health administration

Health administrators play a critical role in the healthcare and medical service industry. Sometimes referred to as medical and health service managers or healthcare executives, those in this role may have a range of titles depending upon the facility or organization’s structure, or the roles area of focus. Regardless of title, health administrators are essential in the effective and seamless operation of medical service providers.

Ace your next interview

You’ve done it, you’ve landed an interview for a great job. Not only do you have the education and experience you need for the position, but you are certain that you’re a great fit for the organization. There’s just one remaining obstacle between you and your dream job, the all-important interview.

How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Completing your degree is no easy task, and once you're finished, finding the right job is just as difficult. 

What Is a Master of Science in Educational Psychology and Is It Worth It?

What can a master of science in educational psychology do for you? In this article, we explain what it is and the career options available to you upon graduation.

Five Things You Need to Know About Negotiating

President John F. Kennedy famously said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” And like it or not, the evidence is clear: Although negotiating may make us feel uncomfortable, those who are willing to negotiate have higher incomes and better positions.

How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions

We’ve all experienced it. No matter how much you’ve prepared, an interview question stumps you, and you start to stutter, freeze or simply give a poor answer. 

“In order to succeed in an interview, we need to inculcate confidence in our knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies,” said Dr. Dharmendra Singh, an NCU professor in the School of Business and Technology Management. “We need to anticipate the likely questions and activities during the interview process.” 

Tips on Transitioning from Professor to Educational Consultant

Teaching is a rewarding profession, yet some educators may also have an interest in exploring opportunities outside the classroom. While administration is an obvious choice, another path for those with an entrepreneurial spirit might be educational consulting. We recently caught up with Dr.

Is Project Management for Me?

Over the next decade, project management is slated to grow by more than $6 trillion globally. Clearly, this is a lucrative field with job stability, but how do you know if you have the personality and attributes to maximize this opportunity?

10 Tips for a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

The job hunt has changed. It's not just about your resume. Today it's about your online profile. 94% of recruiters look at social media during the hiring process. While managing your reputation on all social networks is important, LinkedIn is THE business social network.

94% of recruiters look at social media during the hiring process

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