Online MBA FAQ

MBA students are generally inquisitive, analytical and forward thinking. When deciding which program to pursue, many ask incisive questions that enable them to understand how the degree can help them move forward in their career. Following are several questions potential students may ask when deciding what program is right for them.

How does NCU’s online MBA program work?

NCU’s MBA program is 100% online meaning you are not required to visit a campus for testing, lectures, or any other reasons. Because our students are located in multiple states and even countries, we understand that group work can be difficult to schedule. There is no group work in NCU’s MBA program, you are responsible for your own success.

Who will I learn from?

NCU’s professors all hold doctoral degrees, learning from 100% doctoral faculty means that you will learn from experts in the subject matter. One-to-one interactions will take place between you and an expert in the field.

How long does it take to get an MBA online?

Because of Northcentral University’s flexibility, you can earn your MBA in as little as a year. Accelerated MBA course structure is not for everyone as the course load and rigorous course schedule can be overwhelming. It may be best to evaluate how much time you can dedicate to your studies, and determine your time to completion based on your preference.

Is an online MBA a good investment?

The return on investment in the time and money devoted to an MBA program is largely based on potential opportunities and earnings available after graduation. A study conducted in 2013, showed that 95 percent of U.S. MBA graduates were employed*.

Do MBA’s have concentrations?

Yes. NCU offers more than 20 areas of specialization that enable you to focus your studies on the exact business career path you want to take.

Does an online MBA program have a set schedule?

Since you’ll be in a class size of one, your schedule is up to you. For each course, classes start any Monday you choose. There are no set class times, which means you can complete your weekly projects around your other obligations.

Will I be able to interact with my professors?

The one-to-one learning model that NCU has designed, allows as much or as little interaction as you need with your professors. You can interact with them through email, chat, video-conference, or telephone.

If you still have question about pursuing your MBA online, read our Guide to Online MBA Programs. You can also explore the online MBA program and specializations. If you want more information, fill out the form below and an enrollment advisor will contact you.