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What Is A Doctorate Degree

When completing initial research on post-master's options for education, it's important to know what options you have. Upon completion of a master’s degree program, graduates are considered to have an advanced level of knowledge on theoretical topics, think independently and solve complex problems. Naturally, graduates start to explore new ways to utilize their skills, and a great way to do so is through the pursuit of a doctoral degree. doctoral research degree titles

Doctorate Degree Definition

A doctorate degree is the highest earned academic degree in U.S postsecondary education. Doctoral degrees typically take four or more years to complete, and the number of credits required for completion may vary depending on the program. Most doctoral programs require the completion of a research thesis and/or capstone paper.

Types of Doctoral Degrees

Although few careers require a doctoral degree, it may enable the degree holder to work in a specific field related to their specialization or teach at the university level. There are two types of doctoral degrees:

  1. Professional Doctorate Degrees

    Focus primarily on application. You'll focus your research on the practical application of knowledge and theory that already exists within your chosen field.

  2. Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

    Focus on academic research. You'll focus your research on contributing new analysis and theories to the body of knowledge in your chosen field.

First professional doctoral degree titles