Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

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The PhD in Psychology degree program at Northcentral University was designed in response to growing interest in the field and the need for more advanced educational opportunities in psychology. In this program, you will hone your critical thinking skills, expand your knowledge base in psychology to evaluate individual, social, organization and global problems, and learn and practice research methods as you transition from doctoral student to independent scholar.

PURPOSE: Provide a PhD program that will prepare you to excel in your profession by facilitating personal growth, the development of knowledge and skills, awareness and respect for diversity, and the ability to make meaningful contributions as a psychologist in your local and global communities.

With an emphasis on applied experiential learning, when appropriate, you will take your learning out of the classroom and into the world, applying it to case studies, scenarios, vignettes and sometimes real-life situations. Within the program, you have the opportunity to choose from 5 specializations that can help you tailor your education to match your career interests and goals.

“I think it’s important for students to be comfortable with the program they’re choosing. For me, the choice for NCU was because they had a very good faculty, and the rigor of the curriculum was extremely important. Other than that, I think being prepared for a distance-learning program means being very regimented and disciplined in the way that you might schedule your life because this requires a little bit of a different type of learning."
—Naheed Jawed, PhD in Psychology

OUTCOMES: As you move through the program, you will increase your ability to conduct and evaluate research, prepare high-level professional communication in a variety of media, critically evaluate theories, and design and evaluate strategies to improve the human condition from a psychological standpoint.

In this program, you will be required to write and defend a PhD dissertation, which is a scholarly documentation of research that makes an original contribution to the field of study. A PhD is only awarded for a dissertation that adds theoretical knowledge to the field by generating new knowledge or reformulating existing knowledge.

See the NCU Course Catalog for student outcomes you will have achieved upon completion of the program.

ACHIEVEMENTS: As a PhD in Psychology graduate, you will be qualified to teach college courses, design and implement research, work for governmental agencies as researchers and program directors, work for non-profit organizations, partner with law enforcement agencies, or act as consultants to business and industry.

Psychologists with a PhD can serve their communities in a variety of ways, depending on their interests, skills and ability to locate their own niche, including:

  • Conducting research for private or governmental agencies
  • Solving social problems as program directors or planners
  • Teaching and providing services to students as professors, instructors, counselors and academic administrators
  • Promoting physical and mental health as part of a health care team, training physicians and health care providers, and advocating for social change to improve the human condition