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The Couple Therapy post-master’s certificate is designed to provide you with training in the skills and models needed to effectively work with couples. This complex, specialized area of mental health practice requires particular skill in working with two partners at the same time.

Basis of Admission

A completed master's level or higher degree from an accredited institution or university.

6 Courses (18 Credit hours) must be completed from the coursework outlined within the corresponding Post-Master's Certificate.

Prerequisite: A Master's degree in any field from an accredited institution will satisfy admission requirements.

Requirement: At the end of each Post-Master's Certificate (except where noted), students will complete a final written research project, demonstrating the ability to conduct an investigation on a workplace problem, identify an area for intervention, critique, justify, and recommend a plan of preventative action.

Course Length

All courses are 12 weeks in length.

Northcentral University allows 2 years to complete all Post-Master's Certificates.

Certificate Courses - 18 credit hours

Course Code


Course Description


Advanced Couple Therapy

This course involves an in depth study of systemic approaches to couple therapy. Topics will focus on assessment methods, empirical research on couple therapy, specific models of couple therapy, integration of course content with personal case work, special problems in couple relationships, and the dynamics of gender and diversity in relation to couple therapy.


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

This doctoral level course will familiarize students with the concepts, theory, and application of emotion-focused couple therapy. Emphasis will be placed on the role attachment and attachment injuries play in couple interaction and how interactional cycles of the relationship are impacted by individual fears, unmet needs, and trauma.


Systemic Sex Therapy

This course focuses on physiological, psychological, and sociocultural variables associated with human sexuality and then maintains a focused emphasis on systemically oriented sex therapy including methods of conducting sexual assessments and both individual and relational therapy designed to help clients with variety of sexual issues, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual challenges within relationships.


Treating Infidelity and Sex Addiction

This course will examine the individual, family, and societal issues pertaining to infidelity and sex addiction. Specific methods of assessment and treatment will be studied. In addition, attention will be given to the effects of the internet on infidelity and sex addiction.


Advanced Theories in Marriage and Family Therapy

This course is designed to be an advanced
survey of the theoretical literature related to the practice of marriage
and family therapy. The course includes an integrative and critical thinking
focus on systems theory, attachment theory, agentive theory, common factors
and the metaframeworks perspective. Course content will be related conceptually
to clinical concerns.


Dynamics of Family Interaction

This course examines the theoretical and empirical
contributions to the understanding of marital and family systems. The
specific focus of the course is on the processes and dynamics of interaction
within these relationships. The course will include content on the history
of family life, diverse family types, roles and rules in families, family
problems and family health, and rituals in family life. Conceptualizations
of effective functioning in marriages and families will be studied and
various factors that impact marital and family systems will be addressed.

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  • Per credit cost: $1,048
  • Per 3 credit course cost: $3,144
  • Program cost: $19,214
  • Average Book cost per course: $110
  • Application Fee: $0
  • Learning Management Fee (one-time per program): $350
  • Registration Fee: $0

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