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Re-Entry Assistance

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You Have What It Takes

Earning a degree takes commitment and passion, but we understand that life can get in the way of finishing your program. At National University, we know you have what it takes to succeed, and we’re here to help you on your way with offers specifically designed for re-entry students like you.

Why Re-enroll at NU?

  • Re-entry Specialists who understand what you need to get started
  • Finish the goal that you set out to achieve
  • You’re close to the finish line… don’t let your credits expire!
  • Our Re-Entry team has helped thousands of students return and finish their degrees
  • Special Offers specifically for returning students

Fresh Start

Finances can be one of the biggest obstacles between you and your goals. With our Fresh Start program, you now have multiple options for debt management and/or forgiveness.

Don’t Lose Credits

If your program is no longer available or wasn’t the right fit for you, your completed credits may still be applicable to a new program! Speak to a Re-entry Specialist to learn more.

Max Time Frame

Each program has a maximum time frame in which to complete course credits, so it’s important to restart your program before your previously earned credits can no longer be applied to that program version.

Ready to Reach Your Goals?

If you’re ready to get back into class, we have dedicated Re-entry Specialists ready to help you navigate every step of the process. They will serve as your personal advisor, answer all of your questions, and even complete your application on your behalf, if needed.

Contact Us

Schedule an appointment with a Re-entry Specialist today and get back on track to achieving your dreams.

   (888) 628-1565

What Our Re-entry Students Have to Say

“When I called to determine if I was eligible to re-enroll in my program, I was directed to a Re-Entry Advisor. Right away, I could tell that he was on my side. We worked together to complete all of the necessary steps and before long, I was accepted back into my program. My advisor continued to keep in touch with me and was so motivational, encouraging, and enlightening.”

Tameka S., EdD Graduate, Class of 2018