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Technology Programs

The field of technology is rapidly evolving to meet the growing demands of modern society. For those seeking a future in tech, this means maintaining skills, increasing knowledge and quickly adapting to change. For today’s students hoping to enter the field, success will require dedication, commitment and access to education specifically designed to meet the demands of this dynamic industry.

Our technology programs are designed to ensure that the education you receive is current and relevant. To help us determine technology trends and market needs, we use a special Program Advisory Council. This council works to align our programs with the demands of the market through input provided by employers and industry leaders.

Our programs are designed to help prepare our students to take on a range of technology-based roles, including positions of leadership. During your program, you’ll gain the critical technical skills needed today through instruction and assessments designed to mirror the work environment. 

Get prepared for the world of tomorrow with the right education today.

Transfer Credit Articulations and Crosswalks
NCU-CISSP Articulation

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