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Master of Science in Educational Psychology

Help shape the educational experience for future learners

Learning is a complex and multi-faceted process that varies from person to person. Understanding the individual needs of learners can help facilitate the education experience for all, from young students and adults to those facing learning challenges. Educational psychology is a field that applies psychology and the science of learning to gain a better understanding of how people learn and help shape the instructional process.

Explore a future in Educational Psychology

Our Master of Science in Educational Psychology degree program will provide students the information, skills and experience they need to make an impact in the classroom. Students will learn how to enhance education and training across diverse learning environments through the application of educational psychology principles and research. This program is ideally suited for those that currently work in education or those that seek a future in education or workforce training development.

This program is designed to align with industry standards to ensure that students receive current and applicable knowledge. As a student, you’ll explore the foundations of educational psychology along with critical subjects such as child and adolescent development, the psychology of learning, gifted education and diversity-related topics. You’ll also cover key topics in research, including research design and how to utilize statistics. Additionally, you’ll learn about professional ethics and the law as it relates to the field of educational psychology.

Earn your Master of Science in Educational Psychology degree online

At Northcentral University you can earn your Master of Science in Educational Psychology degree entirely online. This allows you to continue your education without putting your career on hold. We also have helpful online resources and weekly start dates to offer you the flexibility you need to successfully reach graduation day. And, although you attend class online, you’re never alone at NCU. Our unique one-to-one learning model and active online communities offer you the support you need to succeed.

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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize theories and principles applicable to the field of educational psychology
  • Examine research methods and data analysis applicable in the framework of educational psychology
  • Investigate empirically supported interventions for research, administration or practice of educational psychology
  • Employ ethical principles of psychology in academic and professional matters of educational psychology
  • Examine diversity issues in the context of educational psychology

Career Potential*

  • Psychology Instructor
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Training Specialist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Psychology Lecturer
  • Adjunct Faculty-Psychology
  • Learning Specialist
  • Education Coordinator
  • Trainer
*Positions may require additional experience, training and other factors beyond successfully completing this degree program. Many roles may also require state licensure, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all licensure requirements are met.

Master of Science in Educational Psychology Program at a Glance

Total Credit Hours: 30 Credit Hours
Courses: 10 Courses
Recommended Completion Time: 18 Months
Next Start Date: Every Monday
Classroom Size: One

Note on Licensure: Our psychology programs are not licensure programs and do not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychologist, school counselor, or counseling professional. Students in the MS in Educational Psychology program may choose a non-clinical internship.