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Master of Education


NCU offers two track options for students interested in pursuing their master's in education and preparing for increased leadership responsibilities in K-12 or higher education. Options include a standard online MEd track with an array of education level specializations, or an accelerated track MEd that can help you complete your degree in just one year.

NNorthcentral University's online Master's in Education program prepares you to become a leader in the field by giving you the knowledge required to effectively analyze and address educational issues within your area of specialization. You’ll apply education leadership principles to real-world problems through professionally relevant case studies — all while gaining a wealth of experience from your mentoring professors.

Career Potential

Education professionals are in demand, and Emsi labor market analytics and economic data* show plenty of opportunities exist for those who choose to enter the field. Whether you want to teach or prefer to work in an administrative role, earning your PhD can help you impact the industry.


  • Research scientist
  • Research associate
  • Psychometrician
  • Education program consultant
  • Education consultant
  • College/university-level professor, assistant professor
  • Teacher
  • Research faculty member
  • College/university-level administrator
  • Dean
  • Director
  • Associate director

Work Settings

  • Colleges and universities
  • State Department of Education agencies
  • Education service providers (i.e., Pearson)
  • Private research institutes dedicated to educational or social policies

*Positions may require additional experience, training, and other factors beyond completing this degree program. Many roles may also require state licensure, and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all licensure requirements are met.

SOURCE: Emsi Labor Analyst- Report. Emsi research company homepage at (Report viewed: 4/12/2022).

DISCLAIMER: The data provided is for informational purposes only. Emsi data and analysis utilizes government sources to provide insights on industries, demographics, employers, in-demand skills, and more to align academic programs with labor market opportunities. Cited projections may not reflect local or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth. Current and prospective students should use this data with other available economic data to inform their educational decisions.


19 professionally relevant specializations, 2 accelerated scheduling options
Total Credit Hours: 30-36 Credit Hours*
Courses: 10-12 Courses*
Recommended Completion Time: 16 Months
Next Start Date: Every Monday
Classroom Size: One

*This program is fully accredited by AAQEP through December 31, 2028. View a full list of the AAQEP-accredited programs at Northcentral University here.