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Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Hone Your Skills at Helping Others and Make a Positive Difference

As the first MFT degree program with distance education to receive accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), NCU’s MAMFT provides rigorous training to help you develop into a competent, ethical, culturally sensitive and licensable marriage and family therapist who will make a difference in the communities where you live and work. Accreditation from the International Accreditation Commission for Systemic Therapy Education (IACSTE), ensures that this program meets the quality standards for programs that provide systemic therapy education and training.

Northcentral University’s MFT program will help you develop key skills and facilitate the personal and professional growth needed for effective practice in the field of marriage and family therapy. In our marriage and family therapy master’s program, you will gain rigorous training and coursework to help you develop into a competent, ethical, culturally-sensitive and licensable marriage and family therapist who will make a difference in the communities where you live and work — while gaining a wealth of experience from your mentoring professors. NCU's MFT degree courses are primarily online, however, practicum/internships/and clinical supervision activities include traditional engagement in the communities our students reside.


10 professionally relevant specializations
Total Credit Hours: At least 45 Credit Hours*
Courses: 15-20*
Recommended Completion Time: 33 Months
Next Start Date: Every Monday
Classroom Size: One

*Students seeking licensure may be required by their state to complete up to 60 credit hours, which could equate for up to 20 courses.

Marriage and Family Therapy Resources

Read our Guide to Marriage and Family Therapy

Program Handbook

The Program Handbook is designed to serve as a guide that provides you with applicable information that can help you succeed in your goal of becoming a marriage and family therapist. You will find policies and forms related to program admission, confidentiality, student progress and retention, graduation, program learning outcomes, the organizational structure of the program, specific program requirements, discussion on pursuing licensure, and other relevant program documents. It is a supplement to, but not a substitute for, the Northcentral University Catalog to access a web-based version of the handbook.

COAMFTE requires accredited program to provide Student Achievement data, starting with the year the program becomes accredited. The following table provide all Student Achievement data for the Master in Marriage and Family Therapy Program

COAMFTE Student Achievement Data for Master in Marriage and Family Therapy
Accredited: December 2012
Minimum Program Length: 2 years / Advertised Program Length: 4.5 years^ / Maximum Time to Complete Program: 6 years
Rates per cohort year are updated annually to reflect current student status
Cohort Year # of Students In Program Active Students Percentage Graduating within 4.5 Years^ Total Graduation Percentage* Job Placement Rate (%)** National Exam Pass Rate (%)***
2012-2013 108 n=0 n=48 (44%) n=53 (49%) 100% 90%
2013-2014 260 n=13 (.05%) n=115 (44%) n=138 (53%) 100% 72%
2014-2015 335 n=41 (12%) n=116 (35%) n=120 (36%) 100% 92%
2015-2016 380 n=119 (31%) n=86 (23%) n=86 (23%) 100% 85%
2016-2017 331 n=167 (51%) n=29 (9%) n=29 (8.76%) 100% 100%
2017-2018 312 n=171 (55%) n=4 (1.3%) n=4 (1.28%) In process In process
2018-2019 229 n=192 (84%) Time not exceeded Time not exceeded In process In process
* Total Graduation Percentage: Total percentage of cohort graduated to-date.
** Job Placement Rate: This is defined as the percentage of graduates from the cohort year listed that are employed within 3 years of their graduation utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program.
*** National Exam Pass Rate: This is defined as the percentage of graduates and students from the cohort year that passed the state or national licensing exam for Marriage and Family Therapy, after having sat for the exam at least once.

Career Potential*

  • Family / Behavioral Therapist
  • Family/ School / General Social Worker
  • Medical Office / Practice Manager
  • Mental Health / Behavioral Counselor
  • Social / Human Services Manager
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • And many more, in public and private facilities of all different sizes!
*Positions may require additional experience, training and other factors beyond successfully completing this degree program. Many roles may also require state licensure, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all licensure requirements are met.