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Juris Doctor

!As a result of the merger between Northcentral University and National University - the JD program is now the JFK School of Law at National University.

Quality Legal Education that is Accessible to YOU

The JFK School of Law’s Juris Doctor Program has been continually accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners for the State Bar of California since 1981. Our Juris Doctor program emphasizes the practical application of theory, preparing students to successfully sit for the CA Bar Examination and enter the legal profession as highly skilled, ethical, and passionate legal experts. All coursework is online and includes asynchronous sessions as well as synchronous class sessions set at key points in each course. JFK School of Law prides itself on the vast academic support afforded to each student, including significant faculty feedback and mentorship, legal writing tutors, an extensive law library with live and remote support, as well as bar coaching from the beginning of the program through the CA Bar Examination. In addition to the online curriculum, students can engage in hands-on training through our internship and clinical programs, travel abroad program, and trial advocacy course.

The JFK School of Law is proud to offer students a different experience than in more traditional law schools. Gone are the days of weekly 3-hour lectures on campus with just one exam at the end. Instead, students at JFK School of Law do several application assignments each week, receiving individualized faculty feedback to better assist students in their mastery of the material. Our faculty, comprised of current and former practicing attorneys, and our academic support team are dedicated to student success.

All academic resources to help students succeed in law school are embedded into the cost of the program, including textbooks and supplemental materials. Additionally, the JFK School of Law has partnered with Barbri, a leading bar preparation program. The cost of Barbri is included in tuition, allowing students to access to an array of materials while in law school and to the 2-month bar prep program following graduation and before the bar exam.

Study at, or graduation from, this law school may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or be admitted to practice law in jurisdictions other than California. A student who intends to seek admission to practice law outside of California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding its education and admission requirements.

Career Potential*

  • Legal services industry
  • Attorneys
  • Law firms
  • Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Conciliators
*Positions may require additional experience, training and other factors beyond successfully completing this degree program. Many roles may also require state licensure, and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all licensure requirements are met.

For more information about the Juris Doctor program, view the JD Program Catalog.

For information relating to the pass rates of John F. Kennedy School of Law graduates on the ten most recent administrations of the California Bar Examination, visit The State Bar of California’s website at:


Program availability varies by state. Admission is granted at the time of initial acceptance into a program and is dependent on program availability in a state where the applicant resides at the time of admission. If a student moves to a state other than the state where the applicant resided when accepted into the program, continuation in the program will depend on the availability of the program within the new state of residence. It is the applicant's responsibility to notify the institution of a change in residence (new state). Students who relocate while enrolled may be unable to complete their studies if they are moving to a state where the university is not currently authorized to offer a particular program. Not all programs are approved in authorized states. Students wishing to relocate to a restricted state will not be able to continue in their program of study. Students should contact their Advisor to discuss how relocation could alter their eligibility in their current program.


Total Credit Hours: 82 Credit Hours
Courses: 32 Courses
Recommended Completion Time: 3 - 4 Years
Next Start Date: August 14th, 2023

JD Online Curriculum

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