Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management


It takes visionary leaders to change an organization and bring about new innovations for a better future, both for the world and for the organizations they lead. It also takes an innovative university to equip them for this challenge. NCU’s Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management will teach you how to become a positive change leader and a champion of new technologies in public and private organizations. This is not a business degree, but an innovation through technology degree. Our PhD-TIM program has been specifically designed to empower students like you to begin innovating well before your PhD has been conferred through practical application of what you are learning. Once you’ve started your PhD-TIM program at NCU, you will begin making a difference as an agent of innovation through technology–now and in the future!

Northcentral University is dedicated to developing innovative and leading-edge programs, like our PhD-TIM program that help our students stand out over those attending other American universities. Our program features weekly course starts to fit your schedule, and our unique one-to-one learning model allows you to experience individualized interaction with our professionally seasoned, all-doctoral faculty. This 100% online PhD program does not require an entrance exam, which can be time-consuming, costly and have a limited shelf life.

PHD IN Technology & Innovation Management: PROGRAM AT A GLANCE

6 professionally relevant specializations
Total Credit Hours: 60 Credit Hours
Courses: 20 Courses 
Recommended Completion Time: 50 Months
Next Start Date: Every Monday
Classroom Size: One

Important Information for Students, Including Gainful Employment
Performance Fact Sheets available for residents of California


“NCU’s Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management program has been developed to impart the necessary skills and insights on current theories in the field that can be applied now. We will equip you to manage legal, ethical and security risks regarding computers and other emerging technology. As a PhD, you will contribute to the body of theory and practice in this vibrant field of positive change agents. As an empowered thought leader, you will begin to make a world of difference even before your degree is conferred as a technology innovator. This PhD-TIM degree is perfect for the self-motivated learner, and you can choose from specializations in six high-demand areas. Your professors will mentor you for effective leadership in a fast-evolving, global marketplace, and will do so entirely online!” - David Moore, School of Business & Technology Management, Director of Assessment