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Doctor of Philosophy in Cybersecurity

Doctor of Philosophy in Cybersecurity

The Doctor of Philosophy in Cybersecurity (PhD-CY) program takes an applied approach to cybersecurity theory and research. In this program you will get hands-on experience, explore advanced topics, learn the very latest concepts, and prepare for anticipated risks in the field of cybersecurity. This degree is designed to prepare researchers with technology strategies that are applicable to leading positions in both the private and public sectors. You will explore governance, compliance, leading frameworks, models, and standards to reduce threats and vulnerabilities. Additionally, you will create a portfolio of valuable capabilities, addressing internal and external issues through the intelligent manipulation of data while completing your doctoral studies.

Learning Outcomes

This unique doctoral degree concentrates on the past, present, and future of cybersecurity. The program Incorporates technical and organizational strategy, architecture, and data science, as well as important areas within artificial intelligence (including machine learning and deep learning). 

  • Advance theory and practical applications of cybersecurity
  • Formulate cybersecurity governance, policy, risk, and compliance
  • Devise strategic thought leadership for challenges in cybersecurity architecture and operations
  • Assess internal and external threats and vulnerabilities to reduce organizational cyber risk
  • Evaluate tools, data, and processes to enhance protection and foster resilience
  • Facilitate the protection of critical information resources from current and future loss



Total Credit Hours: 60 Credit Hours
Courses: 20 Courses
Recommended Completion Time: 40-44 Months
Next Start Date: Every Monday
Classroom Size: One