Global Business Management, PhD-BA

Global Business Management Specialization

Learn how to be a leader in business in the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with a specialization in Global Business Management program. This specialization covers the essential elements required to understand and manage global organizations. Individuals interested in global management positions and/or teaching in post-secondary institutions of higher education would benefit from this program. The specialization focuses on topics such as global leadership issues and characteristics, trends and strategies in global business strategic management, and the challenges of positioning global brands and pricing approaches.

Throughout this program, you will investigate leadership roles, styles, philosophies, and behaviors in globally diverse organizations. You’ll explore leadership through the challenge and implementation of change in global organizations. The specialization focuses on realistic managerial situations and the techniques involved in managing change and responses to opportunities and threats.

In addition, you will examine the strategic management of multinational corporations (MNCs) and outline foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and its economic determinants. You will appraise global business strategies that MNCs have used in their emerging economies and challenges they confront in different regions by using real-life case studies, as well as identify factors contributing to foreign debt crisis and its prevention.

This specialization also examines issues involved in entering global markets and conducting marketing activities. Specific issues include evaluating opportunities in foreign markets, developing and adapting marketing strategies to specific national market needs, and coordinating strategies across markets. Students will diagnose the real-world experiences of global corporations using case studies and up-to-date knowledge from relevant resources.

Course information
  Credit Hours Courses Est. Time to Complete  
PHD-BA 60 20 33 months
*Credit hours and courses reflect new students meeting credit requirements and utilizing no transfer credits. Est. Time of Completion reflects new students following the preferred schedule designed by the Dean for the program.

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Unmatched Flexibility
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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop business knowledge based on a synthesis of current theory
  • Defend theories, applications, and perspectives related to business to diverse audiences
  • Evaluate business practices that positively impact society
  • Evaluate the relationship between the global environment and business decisions
  • Formulate solutions to problems identified in extant business research