Information Systems

Become Empowered to Lead in Today’s Innovative World of Information Technology

Some people are happy to simply turn on a computer and accept that it works. Others want to know how computers work together to maintain, store and process information most efficiently and effectively. The information systems specialization is broad-based for those who want to know more, and addresses the foundational perspective on technology information management, including the how and why behind computer information systems. This type of broad-based program can provide you many options in today’s information economy. In this innovation-focused course of study, you will be introduced to a variety of topics in information systems and can train you for a range of information technology leadership roles. This specialization can prepare you use this knowledge to lead the innovative integration of information technologies and information systems in many organizations. In today’s competitive global marketplace, technological innovations can be problematic and intimidating for most organizations. Organizations around the globe are searching for qualified leaders to help them face these challenges. Your mentoring doctoral professors are experienced in this field of study, and can help you develop the expertise needed to give you the edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

The NCU Difference

NCU's unique approach to graduate education is ideal for self-starters and independent thinkers who want a premier education with unprecedented flexibility. With NCU’s online learning model, there are weekly starts for every program or course. Our education approach was developed to meet the needs of your busy life and schedule. We use a unique one-to-one learning model that pairs one student with one doctoral professor for each course. With no teaching assistants, you learn directly from experts who provide personal feedback and professional insights. Northcentral University's School of Business and Technology Management has a results-oriented approach to online education, delivering rigorous doctoral, master's, bachelor's and graduate certificate programs to help you develop the business acumen that companies seek. Throughout your academic journey, you will be mentored by professors who are experienced in your field of study. At NCU, you will never have to participate in group projects. You move forward on your pace, by setting your own studying schedule. In a class size of one, there’s no one to get in the way of your individual success. None of our programs have residency requirements, allowing flexible access to you no matter where you live. When you enroll in NCU to earn an advanced degree in business, you will become part of a community of professionals who are already making a difference around the world.

“When I started [at] NCU, I was on my first child and my business was around two-years-old. During the journey, I had three kids. I had my business going from a very small to a medium-sized business. The best part was the ability to work all these other things, and still be able to continue on [with my education].” - Saifur Rehman, PhD in Business Administration (2016)

At A Glance

Course information
  Credit Hours Courses Est. Time to Complete  
PHD-TIM 60 20 50 months View Course Catalog
MSTIM 30 10 23 months View Course Catalog

Beyond the specialized courses designed to help you expand your abilities in your chosen field of study and profession; NCU offers the following benefits to students and alumni:

Unmatched Flexibility
Many online programs offer the ability to take courses without leaving your home, but few offer weekly course starts, no scheduled lecture hours, no group assignments, and the ability to schedule courses around your personal and professional obligations. The option to turn in your assignments as early in the week as you want, provide you the ability to schedule school around your life, not the other way around.

100% Doctoral Faculty
Whether you are completing your bachelor's degree, pursuing your graduate degree, or on the path to earning your doctoral degree, you can rest assured that you will be mentored by doctors in your field of study.

One to One Engagement
Not only will you learn from a doctor in the field, but you won't have to fight for facetime as one of many within a classroom. At NCU, you'll have the opportunity to interact one to one with your professor to get personalized mentoring.

Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management Program Learning Outcomes
  • Develop knowledge in technology and innovation based on a synthesis of current theories.
  • Communicate with diverse audiences about theories, applications, and perspectives related to technology and innovation.
  • Evaluate theories of ethics and risk management in computers and emerging technologies.
  • Formulate strategies for managing technology and innovation in global organizations.
  • Contribute to the body of theory and practice in technology and innovation management.
Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management Program Learning Outcomes
  • Determine a situation’s potential for technology-based improvement.
  • Communicate concepts and arguments associated with technology and innovation.
  • Manage legal, ethical, and security risks in technology-based systems.
  • Evaluate the scope and impact of emerging technologies on a local and global scale
  • Design technology-based solutions to practical problems.

*Credit hours and courses reflect new students meeting credit requirements and utilizing no transfer credits. Est. Time of Completion reflects new students following the preferred schedule designed by the Dean for the program.

Important Information for Students, Including Gainful Employment
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