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Bachelor's Completion Programs

Complete Your Bachelor's Degree The Convenient Way

With NCU’s bachelor’s degree-completion programs in business, education and psychology, you can complete your bachelor’s degree online and develop the knowledge and skills that can prepare you to move up in your current position, make a career change or pursue advanced studies in your field. With weekly course starts, weekly assignment schedules, and no group projects, you can set your own study schedule to fit your already busy professional life. NCU eliminates many of the obstacles students cite as reasons for not completing their bachelor's degree.

"Completing my bachelor's degree always seemed out of reach due to my work and family obligations, but that all changed with NCU. With NCU's weekly course starts I didn't have to wait for a new semester to start, and being completely online allowed me schedule school around my life, not my life around school. I even turned a resort balcony in Puerto Vallarta into my classroom while on vacation." - Jordan Marlow, BBA, Class of 2016

Note: Bachelor of Education is only open to identified Rio Salado College (RSC) Teach-Out Students. Identified RSC Teach-Out Students must maintain continuous enrollment until degree completion. Please contact Admissions with questions related to BEd enrollment.

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