Dr. G. David Harpool
“Our students are taking on social and economic issues to rescue families and communities in an effort to improve the human condition.”

Dr. G. David Harpool, President

A Welcome from President Dr. David Harpool

Welcome to the Office of the President’s page. As President of Northcentral University, I look forward to stimulating an open dialogue on the future of higher education, and especially on the future of NCU. We look forward to featuring the accomplishments of NCU faculty members, staff, and students to celebrate our success, validate our quality, and promote innovation. We will provide a transparent picture of where NCU has been, where it is, and where we are going.

As a nonprofit educational institution, we are fully committed to our students’ success in their pursuit of higher learning. NCU is proud to be a part of the private, nonprofit National University System composed of university and education-related affiliates that, together, endeavor to provide an exceptional student experience to lifelong learners.