Nicole Avena, PhD

Faculty Senator

Nicole Avena, PhD photo


Areas of Expertise:

  • Psychology and neuroscience
  • Body weight regulation
  • Eating behavior and nutrition


  • PhD Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University
  • BA Psychology, Rutgers University


  • An Animal Model of Sugar Addiction

Selected Publications:

  • Hill JO, Berridge K, Avena NM, Ziauddeen H, Alonso-Alonso M, Allison DB, Khan NA, Kelley M (2014). Neurocognition: The food-brain connection. Adv Nutr 5: 544-6. Read more here.
  • Avena NM, Murray S, Bocarsly ME, Gold MS (2014). Effects of baclofen and naltrexone, alone and in combination, on the consumption of palatable food in male rats. Exp Clin Psychopharmacol 10(9): 540-52.
  • Murray S, Tulloch A, Gold MS, Avena NM (2014). Hormonal and neural mechanisms of food reward, eating behaviour, and obesity. Nat Rev Endocrinol 10(9): 540-52. Read more here.