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Maria Antonia Rodriguez, PhD in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Health Psychology

Associate Director of Faculty Support and Development

Maria Antonia Rodriguez Headshot

Areas of Expertise:

  • Health behavior change
  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to improve adherence
  • Qualitative methodology


  • Is Behavior Change Sustainable for Diet, Exercise, and Medication Adherence?


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology with a Health Emphasis from Yeshiva University
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology, Yeshiva University
  • B.A. Psychology, Pace University

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Health behavior change
  • Women's behavioral health
  • psychosocial impact of chronic illnesses
  • cross-cultural studies

Certifications or Licenses:

  • ​Licensed as a psychologist in NYS and in Peru

Selected Publications:

  • Rodriguez, M.A., Wang, B., Hyoung, S., Friedberg, J., Wylie-Rosett, J., Fang, Y., Allegrante, J.P., Lipsitz, S.R. & Natarajan, S. (In Press). Sustained benefit of alternate behavioral interventions to improve hypertension control. Hypertension, 77, 1867-1876). DOI: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.120.15192
  • Zhao, M., Rodriguez, M.A., Wang, B., Santa Ana, E., Freidberg, J., Fang, Y., Allegrante, J.P., & Natarajan, S. (2021). Validity and reliability of a short self-efficacy instrument for hypertension treatment adherence among adults with uncontrolled hypertension. Patient Education and Counseling. doi:
  • Gonzalez Guerra, M.V. & Rodriguez, M.A. (2021). Obesity and bariatric surgery beliefs: Content analysis to design a scale. Revista de Psicologia, 39(1), 253-287.
  • Ledesma, C., Chavez, C., & Rodriguez, M.A. (2020). Motivators and barriers that impact the retention of doctoral students at a university in Peru. Gestion I + D, 5 (3), 51-68.
  • Rodriguez, M.A. (2020). Intersection of working motherhood and health. In Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality. Switzerland: Springer.
  • Rodriguez, M.A., DiGiovanni, A., Wang, B., Friedberg, J., Wylie-Rosett, Hyoung, S., & Natarajan, S. (2019). A tailored behavioral Intervention to promote adherence to the DASH diet. American Journal of Health Behavior, 43(4), 659-670.
  • Natarajan, S., Nicholson, A., Ridgley, J., & Rodriguez, M.A. (2019). Does Prospect Theory correlate with anti-diabetic medication adherence in participants with diabetic neuropathy? Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 53, S1.
  • Rodriguez, M.A. & Garcia-Rodriguez, A. (2018). Suicidality and survival in Puerto Rican literature. In Ö. Çakırtaş, A.C. Trinidad and Ş. Kızıltaş (Eds.), The Politics of Traumatic Literature: Narrating Human Psyche and Memory (pp. 88-98). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 
  • Rodriguez, M.A. (2017). The experience of stress and anxiety in older adults with type II diabetes. In K. Moore & P. Buchwald (Eds.), Stress and Anxiety: Coping and Resilience (pp. 187-197). Berlin, Germany: Logos Verlag.

 Selected Professional Experience:

  • Associate Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
  • Health Science Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Member of the Executive Board and manuscript reviewer of the Revista de Psicologia (Journal of Psychology)