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Larry Hughes, PhD

Director of Assessment, School of Business

Area of Expertise:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Research Methods and Behavioral Statistics
  • Information Systems Management.


  • PhD in Business Administration (leadership, organizational behavior, behavioral statistics, and managing information systems), University of Nebraska
  • MBA, University of Nebraska


  • Transparency, translucence or opacity? An experimental study of the impact of a leader's relational transparency and style of humor delivery on follow creative performance. 


Selected Publications:

  • Henrichs, H., Hughes, L.W., Kozlowski, L., Kyle, E., Sharma, H., Feng, S., & Pandya, I. (forthcoming). Steelcase Education Grant- Retrospective comparative study of active learning strategies.
  • Provaznik, B., & Hughes, L.W. (2013). It’s how we do things here: Regional population personality and corruption. Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries and Perspectives.
  • Norman, S.M., Larson, M.D., Hughes, L.W., & Avey, J.B. (2013). Birds of a feather: Leader-follower PsyCap congruence and related employee attitudes. International Leadership Journal.
  • Hughes, L.W., Gardner, W.L., & Norman, S.M. (2010). The mediating role of positivity in transparent and trustful leader-follower relations. Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice and Teaching7(1).
  • Hughes, L.W., Avey, J.B., & Nixon, D.R. (2010). Relationships between leadership and follower quitting intentions and job search behaviors. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.
  • Hayes, S., Hodge, K., & Hughes, L.W. (2009). A study of the efficacy of Altman’s Z to predict bankruptcy of specialty retail firms doing business in contemporary times. Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives, 1(1).
  • Hughes, L.W., Provaznik, B., & Avey, J.B. (2009). Dying the black sheep: The marginalization of ingroup deviants. Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives, 1(1).
  • Provaznik, B., Hughes, L.W., & Avey, J.B. (2009). Pushing the margins: A dynamic model of idiosyncrasy credit in top management team behavior. Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice and Teaching.
  • Hughes, L.W., & Avey, J.B. (2009). Transforming with levity: Humor, leadership and follower attitudes. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal 30(6).

Selected Professional Experience:

  • Twelve years as a senior director of human resources in the software development and advanced technology industry.