John Kozup, PhD

Full Professor, School of Business

Areas of Expertise:

  • ​Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Public Policy


  • ​PhD - University of Arkansas 2002
  • BSBA - Slippery Rock University 1994


  • ​The Effects of Time Pressure and Accountability on Decision Task Affect and Individual Coping Style

Research Areas of Interest:

  • ​Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Public Policy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Behavioral Decision Making

Select Publications:

  • Kees, Jeremy, M. Paula Fitzgerald, Karen Russo Donovan and John Kozup (2019), ""An Examination of How Confusion Impacts Consumer Perceptions in a Product Labeling Experiment"," Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36(2), 306-316.
  • Bennett, Aronte, John Kozup and Charles R. Taylor (2018) "Country-of-Origin Effects and Consumer Evaluations of Ads within the Context of Economic Crises" Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 39(1) 52-66.
  • Kozup, John C., Michael Capella, Jeremy Kees, Raymond Taylor (2012), "Sound Disclosures: Assessing When a Disclosure is Worthwhile," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 31(2) 313-322.
  • Newman, Christopher, Elizabeth Howlett, John C. Kozup, Scot Burton and Andrea Tangari, (2012), "The Influence of Consumer Concern about Global Climate Change on Framing Effects for Environmental Sustainability Messages," International Journal of Advertising, 31(3), 511-527.
  • Kozup, John, Paolo Catalfamo, Paolo Ceresa and Raymond Taylor (2010), "L'Italia è ancora un competitor? Analisi delle prospettive e valutazioni sugli investimenti diretti esteri nel mercato italiano," Medideareview, 09.
  • Kees, Jeremy, Burton, Scot, Craig Andrews, and John Kozup (2010), "Understanding How Graphic Visual Warnings Work on Cigarette Packaging," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 29(2), 265-276.
  • Howlett, Elizabeth H., John Kozup and Scot Burton (2008) How Modification of the Nutrition Facts Panel Influences Consumers At-Risk for Heart Disease: The Case of Trans Fat; Journal of Public Policy & Marketing27 (1), 83-97.
  • Kozup, John C. and Jeanne Hogarth (2008), "Financial Literacy and Consumers' Self Protection: More Questions, Fewer Answers," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42(2), 127-136.
  • Kees, Jeremy, Paula Bone, John Kozup and Pam Ellen (2008), "Barely or Fairly Balancing Drug Risks? Content and Format Effects in Direct-To-Consumer Online Prescription Drug Promotions," Psychology and Marketing, 25(7), 675-691.
  • Kozup, John C., Elizabeth Howlett and Michael Pagano (2008), "The Effects of Summary Information on Consumer Perceptions of Mutual Fund Characteristics," Journal Consumer Affairs, 42(1), 37-59.
  • Lui, My, John C. Kozup, Elizabeth Creyer and Scot Burtion (2008), "What Am I Drinking? The Effects of Serving Facts Information on Alcohol Beverage Containers" Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42(1), 81-99.
  • Kopp, Steven W., John C. Kozup Tracy A. Suter and Charles R. Taylor (2007), "Protecting the Global Brand in the European Union," Journal of Euromarketing17(1), 23-34.
  • Taylor, Charles R., Michael L. Capella and John C. Kozup (2007), "Does DTC Advertising Provide Information or Create Market Power?  Evidence from the U.S. and New Zealand," Advances in International Marketing, 8, 9-31.
  • Hill, Ronald P. and John C. Kozup (2007), "Consumers' Experiences with Predatory Lending Practices: Analysis and Implications," Journal of Consumer Affairs 41(1), 29-46.
  • Kozup, John C. and Elizabeth H. Creyer (2006) "Boundary Conditions of the Impact of a Hypervigilant Coping Style on the Subjective Decision Making Experience," Psychology and Marketing, 23 (11), 905-925.
  • Kozup, John C., Scot Burton and Elizabeth H. Creyer (2006), "The Provision of Trans Fat Information and its Interaction with Consumer Knowledge," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 40(1), 163-176.
  • Kees, Jeremy, Scot Burton, Craig Andrews and John C. Kozup (2006), "Effects of Alternative Cigarette Warning Messages and Graphic Visuals on Packaging:  Implications for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 25(2), 212-223.
  • Creyer, Elizabeth H., William T. Ross and John C. Kozup (2004), "Consumer Response to a Pro-Social Marketing Initiative: The Case of Discount Stores and Gun Sales," Journal of Applied Social Psychology, (January) 206-221.
  • Kozup, John C., Elizabeth H. Creyer and Scot Burton (2003), "Making Healthy Food Choices: The Influence of a Health Claim and Nutrition Information on Consumers' Evaluations of Packaged Food Products and Restaurant Menu Items," Journal of Marketing, April, 19-34.
  • Creyer, Elizabeth H. and John C. Kozup (2003), "An Exploration of Decision Task-Related Affect and Its Influence on Choice-Deferral Behavior," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 90 (January) 37-49.

Select Professional Experience:

  • Villanova University -  2002-2018