John Frame, DPhil, MPA, MDiv, ThM

Associate Director of Faculty Support and Development and Associate Professor, School of Business

Areas of Expertise

  • Public Administration
  • NGOs
  • faith-based organizations
  • qualitative research methods


  • DPhil, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • ThM, Harvard University, Cambridge, M
  • MDiv, Anderson University, Anderson, IN
  • MPA, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI


  • Exploring the role of religious faith in distinguishing Christian faith-based organisations from secular NGOs working with women and children in Cambodia

Research Areas of Interest

  • Anti-trafficking NGOs
  • faith-based organizations
  • experiences of people living in poverty
  • religion and policy

Selected Publications
Published Papers:

  • Frame, John, C. (2016) "'The Fire that Makes Us Boil': The Role of Religion in Supporting Faith-Based Organizations." Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion v.27.
  • Frame, John. (2016) "The Social Construction of Success among Leaders of Faith-based and Secular NGOs in Cambodia: Examining the Role of Faith." Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought 35.4: 271-294.
  • Frame, John, C. (2017) "Exploring the Approaches to Care of Faith-Based and Secular NGOs in Cambodia that Serve Victims of Trafficking, Exploitation, and those Involved in Sex Work," International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 37.5/6: 311-326.
  • Frame, John, C. (2020) "A Comparative Exploration of the Motivational Factors of Faith-Based and Secular NGOs and Their Actors in Cambodia." International Journal of Public Administration 43:9: 757-769.
  • Frame, John. (2020) "A Modified Typology to Classify Secular NGOs and Faith-Based Organisations in Development Contexts. Development in Practice 30.2: 143-153.


  • Frame, John, Mia Tuckey, Lili White, and Emma Tomalin. (2019) Faith and Freedom - The Role of Local Faith Actors in Anti-Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: A Scoping Study. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities.
  • Frame, John. (2020) Sharing our Strengths: Understanding similarities and differences between faith-based and non-faith-based anti-trafficking NGOs. Published by the Chab Dai Coalition

Selected Professional Experience

  • Member and Subgroup Lead (volunteer), Crisis Working Group (Global Expert Working Group), Preventing Human Trafficking in Crisis Situations Policy Guide, published by Delta 8.7, United Nations University Centre for Policy Research.                   
  • Consultant for the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities
  • Consultant for two UN agencies
  • Local government experience, Washtenaw County, Michigan