Evan Wood, Ph.D.

Part-Time Faculty, School of Business

Evan Wood Photo

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Human Resources​


  • Ph.D., Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN​


  • Post-Arrival Performance Interventions that Assist North American Expatriates in Hong Kong​

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Human performance​

Certifications and /or licenses:


Select Publications:

  • Wood, E. & St. Peters, H. (2014). Short term international study tours: Impact on cultural intelligence. International Journal of Human Resources Management, 25(3-4). 
  • Wood, E. (2013, February). The relationship between role ambiguity and expatriates’ adjustment and performance. In D. Chapman (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2013 AHRD International Confrence, Febraury 14-15.  
  • Wood, E. & St. Peters, H. (2012). A model for global outreach across the business curriculum. Christian Business Academy Review, 7(1). 
  • El Mansour, B. & Wood, E. (2010, June). Improving cross-cultural training: The case of expatriate managers in Morocco. Journal of European Industrial Training, 34(4). 
  • Wood, E. & El Mansour, B. (2010). Performance interventions that assist Chinese expatriate's adjustment and performance: Toward a conceptual framework. Academy of Human Resource Development Review, 10(2). 
  • Wood, E. & El Mansour, B. (2009. February). Comparison of on-assignment performance interventions for North American expatriates and Chinese expatriates. In J. Storberg-Walker (Ed.), Proceedings of 2009 AHRD International Conference, February 18-22. 
  • Wood, E. (2008, October). On-assignment performance interventions that assist North American expatriates adjusment and performance. In C. Sutton (Ed.), Proceedings of 2008 Midwest Academy of Management Annual Conference, October 2-4. 
  • Wood, E. (2007, February). E-mentoring as a means to develop and retain expatriate managers. In F. Nafukho (Ed.), Proceedings of 2007 AHRD International Conference, February 28 – March 4. 

Select Professional Experience:

  • ​Sr. Director, Human Capital Management, Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp.
  • Associate Professor (Tenured), Taylor University
  • Board Member, Jerusalem University College
  • Board Member, Mad Anthony's Childrens' Hope House