David Ison, PhD

Faculty Senator

David Ison photo

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Research methods
  • Statistics
  • Academic writing and publication
  • Aviation


  • PhD in Higher Education Administration – Aviation Higher Education Specialization, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
  • MS in Aeronautical Science – Operations Specialization, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Daytona Beach, FL
  • BS in Aviation Management, Auburn University, Auburn, AL


  • Pathways to the aviation professoriate: An investigation into the attributes and backgrounds of professional pilot education faculty

 Research Areas of Interest:

  • Academic integrity (plagiarism and contract cheating)
  • Aviation operations
  • Statistical procedures and analyses in research

Certifications and /or licenses:

  • Certificate in Data Science – IBM
  • Federal Aviation Administration: Airline Transport Pilot (Multi-engine), Commercial Pilot (Single Engine Land & Sea), Instrument – Airplane, Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument and Multi-engine), Basic and Advanced Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher

Select Publications:

  • Ison, D. (2020). Statistical procedures for evaluating trends in coronavirus disease-19 in the            United States . International Journal of Health Sciences14(5), 23-31. Retrieved from            https://ijhs.org.sa/index.php/journal/article/view/5233
  • Ison, D. C. (2020). Detection of online contract cheating through stylometry: A pilot study.            Online Learning, 24(2), 142-165.
  • Ison, D. C. (2020). Empirical analysis of trends in runway incursions in the United States from    2001 to 2017. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering9(1), 2.
  • Ison, D. C. (2020). Analysis of runway incursion trends: Implications for cost-benefit analysis      of mitigation investments. International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and           Aerospace7(1), 2.
  • Ison, D. C. (2018). Teaching the Next Generation of Researchers: An Inquiry into Aviation            Research Education. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering7(2), 4.
  • McCooey, S., & Ison, D. (2017). Female Cabin Crew Radiation Exposure and Cancer            Development: A Cross-Study Inquiry. International Journal of Professional Aviation            Training & Testing Research9(1).
  • Ison, D. C. (2017). Mitigating Nonresponse Error in Online Surveys Through Research-based            Design and Delivery. Survey Practice10(2).
  • Ison, D. C., Herron, R., & Weiland, L. (2016). Two Decades of Progress for Minorities in            Aviation. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering6(1), 4.
  • Ison, D. (2017). Academic Misconduct and the Internet. In Handbook of Research on Academic            Misconduct in Higher Education (pp. 82-111). IGI Global.
  • Ison, D. C., & Szathmary, K. J. (2016). Assessing Academic Integrity Using SafeAssign  Plagiarism Detection Software. Collegiate Aviation Review34(1).
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  • Terwilliger, B., Vincenzi, D., & Ison, D. (2015). Unmanned Aerial Systems: Collaborative            innovation to support emergency response. Journal of Unmanned Systems, 3(2), 31-34.     doi 10.1139/juvs-2015-0004
  • Terwilliger, B., Vincenzi, D., Ison, D., Witcher, K., Thirtyacre, D., & Khalid, A. (2015).   Influencing factors for use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in support of aviation accident           and Emergency Response. Journal of Automation and Control Engineering 3(3), 246-        252.
  • Vincenzi, D. A., Terwilliger, B. A., & Ison, D. C. (2015). Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)            human-machine interfaces: New paradigms in command and control. Procedia            Manufacturing, 3, 920-927.
  • Mowry, C., & Ison, D. C. (2015). Assessing computer vision syndrome risk for pilots. Journal     of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research 24(2), 79-121.
  • Ison, D. C. (2015). The influence of the Internet on plagiarism among doctoral dissertations:        An empirical study. Journal of Academic Ethics, 13(1).                                                 doi 10.1007/s10805-015-9233-7
  • Ison, D. C. (2014). Does the online environment promote plagiarism? A comparative study of            dissertations from brick-and-mortar versus online institutions. MERLOT Journal of            Online Learning and Teaching, 10(2), 272-281.
  • Ison, D. C. (2014). Correlates of continued visual flight rules (VFR) into instrument            meteorological conditions (IMC) general aviation accidents. Journal of      Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research, 24(1), article 1.
  • Wagener, F., & Ison, D. C. (2014). Crew Resource Management application in commercial            aviation. Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering3(2), 1.
  • Terwilliger, B. A., & Ison, D. (2014). Implementing low cost two-person supervisory control       for small Unmanned Aerial Systems. Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems.
  • Khalid, A., Terwilliger, B., Coppola, A., Marion, J., Ison, D., Shepherd, A., & Sanders, B.            (2014). Real World Design Challenge (RWDC)–An overview. Advanced Materials            Research902, 437-447.
  • Ison, D. C., Terwilliger, B. A., & Vincenzi, D. A. (2013). Designing simulation to meet UAS            training needs. In Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information        and Interaction for Health, Safety, Mobility and Complex Environments (pp. 585          595).    Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
  • Ison, D. C. (2012). Plagiarism among dissertations: Prevalence at online institutions. Journal of            Academic Ethics, 10(3). 227-236. doi 10.1007/s10805-012-9165-4
  • Ison, D. (2011). Aircraft dispatcher (ADX) oral exam guide. Seattle, WA: Aviation Supplies &            Academics, Inc.
  • Ison, D. (2011). An analysis of statistical power in aviation research. International Journal           of Applied Aviation Studies, 11(1).
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  • Ison, D. (2010). Instrument pilot course syllabi: A content analysis. Collegiate Aviation Review,   28(2)
  • Ison, D. (2010). Why teach aviation? A snapshot of the motivations and influences            associated with the careers of professional pilot program faculty. Collegiate Aviation  Review, 28(1)
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  • Ison, D. C. (2008). The status of women faculty in four-year aviation higher education            programs. Journal of Women in Educational Leadership6(3), 201.

 Select Professional Experience:

  • Editor of International Journal of Online Graduate Education
  • Previously editor of two other publications
  • Reviewer for multiple publications
  • Author of three books with ASA Publications
  • Just under 20 years of higher education teaching experience in aviation, graduate research, and writing
  • Past president, University Aviation Association
  • Previous MS in Aeronautical Science program chair (ERAU)
  • Previous IRB member (ERAU)