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Cesar Aquino, PhD Healthcare Administration

Distinguished Core Part-Time Professor, School of Business

Areas of Expertise:

  • ​Cytology
  • Healthcare Administration


  • ​PhD, Capella University, Miineapolis, MN
  • MBA. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


  • ​Validating the Extended Technology Acceptance Model in the Context of the LIS-EHR Interface System

Research Areas of Interest:

  • ​Novel technology's application to healthcare systems

Certifications and /or licenses:

  • ​California Department of Public Health 
  • Cytotechnologist License CLM000167

Select Publications:

  • Aquino, C. (2014). Informed Consent and Patient's Rights to Choose. http//:www. healthcareadministration. com
  • Aquino, C. (2014). Ethical Issue: The Delicate Balance Among the Principles of Autonomy, Beneficence, and Nonmaleficence. http//:www. healthcareadministration. com
  • Aquino, C. (2013). Automating Medical Records in the 21st Century,http//:www. healthcareadministration. com 
  • Aquino, C. (2013). Total Quality Management (TQM) in Healthcare. http//:www. healthcareadministration. com
  • Aquino, C. (2012) . Does Healthcare Rationing Exist in the United States?, http//:www. healthcareadministration. com

Select Professional Experience:

  • Adjunct faculty ​NCU
  • Adjunct Faculty Walden 
  • Adjunct Faculty Colorado State Global Campus
  • Instructor UCLA Extension
  • ACHE member