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Alisher Akmedjonov, PhD, Economic Policy Analaysis

Part Time Professor, School of Undergraduate Studies

Areas of Expertise:

  • ​Economics 


  • PhD, Economic Policy Analysis, RAND Graduate School, 2010
  • MA, Economics, University of San Francisco, 2001


  • ​Education, Training, Innovation: Evidence from Transition Economies 

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Economics,
  • International Economics

Certifications and /or licenses:

  • ​Project Management Professional Project Management Institutie 11/24/2022

Select Publications:

  • Zafar Nazarov and Alisher Akhmedjonov (2016) Monetary and Fiscal Policy Regimes and Firm Innovation in Transition Economies and Residual Factors Explaining the Gap in Firm Innovation in Central Asian Economies, Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research, 6(1), pp. 1-16
  • Alisher Akhmedjonov and Berna Balci Izgi (2015) If Bank Capital Matters, Then How? The Effect of  Bank Capital on Profitability of Turkish Banks during the Recent Financial Crisis, Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies, 8(1-2), pp. 160-166
  • Alisher Akhmedjonov, Chi Keung Lau and Berna Balci Izgi (2013) New Evidence of Regional Income Divergence in Post-Reform Russia, Applied Economics, 45(18), pp. 2675-2682
  • Ali  her Akhmedjonov and Farrukh Suvankulov (2013) Alcohol Consumption and its Impact on the Risk of High Blood Pressure in Russia, Drug and Alcohol Review, 32(3), pp. 248-253
  • Alisher Akhmedjonov (2012) New Evidence on Pay Gap between Men and Women in Turkey, Economics Letters, 117(1), pp. 32-34
  • Ali  her Akhmedjonov and Berna Balci Izgi (2012) Does it Pay to Work in the Public Sector in Turkey?, Applied Economics Letters, 19(10), pp. 909-913
  • Ali  her Akhmedjonov and Chi Keung Lau (2012) Do Energy Prices Converge across Russian Regions?, Economic Modelling, 29(5), 1623-1631
  • Chi Keung Lau and Alisher Akhmedjonov (2012) Trade Barriers and Market Integration in Textile Sector: Evidence from Post-Reform Russia, Journal of the Textile Institute, 103(5), pp. 532-540
  • Zafar Nazarov and Alisher Akhmedjonov (2012) Education, On-the-job Training and Innovation in Transition Economies, Eastern European Economics, 50(6), pp. 28-56
  • Farrukh Suvankulov, Alisher Akhmedjonov and Fatma Ogucu (2012) Restoring Forgotten Ties: Recent  Trends and Prospects of Turkey’s Trade with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Turkish Studies, 13(3), pp. 343-361
  • Ali  her Akhmedjonov (2011) Do Higher Levels of Education Raise Earnings in Post-Reform Russia?, Eastern European Economics, 49(4), pp. 47-60 
  • Ali  her Akhmedjonov, Yunus Güç and Fevzi Akinci (2011) Healthcare Financing: How Does Turkey Compare?, Hospital Topics, 89(3), pp. 59-68
  • Fevzi Akinci, Samer Hamidi, Farrukh Suvankulov, and Alisher Akhmedjonov (2014) Examiningthe Impact of Health Care Expenditures on Health Outcomes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, Journal of Health Care Finance, July 2014
  • Alisher Akhmedjonov and Anvar Suyundikov (2011) A Game Theory Approach to Salinization Problem of  the Aral Sea Basin, Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 9(4), pp. 399-410
  • United States and Mexico: Borderline Friends - Ties that Bind, Issues that Divide, with Emma Aguila, Ricardo Basurto-Davila, Krishna Kumar and Howard Shatz, RAND Corporation, MG-985, 2010, Santa Monica.
  • China and India, 2025: A Comparative Assessment, with Charles Wolf, Jr., Siddhartha Dalal, Julie DaVanzo, Eric V. Larson, Harun Dogo, Meilinda Huang, and Silvia Montoya, RAND Corporation, MG-1009-OSD, 2011, Santa Monica.
  • Understanding Gradual Economic Reform in Uzbekistan, GDN funded Report, with Martin Spechler and Farrukh Suvankulov, May 2007

Select Professional Experience:

  • 2014-present, Adjunct Faculty, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD
  • ​2014-present, Adjunct Faculty, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX
  • 2014-present, Adjunct Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH
  • 2014-2017, Professor of Economics, Virginia International University, Fairfax, VA
  • 2012-present, Adjunct Faculty, California University of Management and Sciences, Virginia
  • 2012-2014, Research Analyst, Independent Project Analysis, Inc., Ashburn, VA
  • 2010-2012, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Zirve University, Turkey
  • 2010-2012, Economist, Middle East Strategic Research Center, Zirve University, Turkey
  • 2006-2010, Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation, USA
  • 2001-2006, Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of World Economy and Diplomacy,Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 2001-2006, Senior Economist, Budget Policy Division, Ministry of Finance, Uzbekistan