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Aaron R. Deris, PhD

Assistant - Part-Time Professor, School of Education

Areas of Expertise:

  • ​Single-subject research design
  • Early literacy
  • Inclusive practices
  • Families


  • ​PhD - University of New Orleans


  • ​Social Supports Among Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Autism: Comparisons between Mothers and Fathers with Autism: Comparisons between Mothers and Fath

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Intervention research to improve outcomes for children and families
  • Clarification and innovations in recommended practices in early childhood special education

Certifications and /or Licenses:

  • ​MN teaching license - DD, EBD, ECSE, SLD
  • MN Adminstrative license - Director of Special Education

Select Publications:

  • DiCarlo, C. F., Deris, A. R., & Deris, T. P. (2021). mLearning verus paper & pencil practice for telling time: Impact for attention & accuracy. In press - Journal of Behavioral Education.
  • DiCarlo, C. F., Ota. C., & Deris, A. (2021). An ecobehavioral analysis of social behavior across learning contexts in kindergarten. Early Childhood Education Journal, 49, 657-668.
  • Deris, A. R., DiCarlo, C. F., Wagner, D., & Oborn, K. K. (2020). Using environmental modification and teacher mediation to increase literacy behaviors in inclusive settingsInfants and Young Children33(4), 283-299.
  • DiCarlo, C. F., Baumgartner, J. J., Ota. C., Deris, A. R., & Brooksher, M. H. (2020). Recommended practice in whole-group instruction: Increasing child attention. Child and Family Behavior Therapy, 43(1), 13-26.

Select Professional Experience:

  • ​Memberships - CEC, DEC, TED, AECI, NAECTE