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Surveys and Reports

Survey Repository

OPIE keeps a repository of all student, faculty, and staff surveys that are regularly deployed to help inform strategic surveying of stakeholders and inform decision making. Please contact OPIE ( to request access to the repository.


NCU regularly conducts surveys of NCU stakeholders to gather data to help inform continuous improvement efforts at the program, department, school, and institutional levels. OPIE works collaboratively to supply units with numerous survey data and reports to help support the use of that data with, including but not limited to:

Alumni Survey

The Alumni Survey helps the University determine alumni perceptions of the satisfaction with program quality, support services, and institutional perceptions using a five-point scale. This survey also measures Northcentral graduate professional outcomes such as changes in work promotions and salaries, engagement in professional development activities, workforce preparedness, and alumni needs.

Graduate Survey

The Graduate Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure graduate perceptions of satisfaction with advising, course and program content, faculty performance, dissertation chair and committee performance, staff, and course and program delivery, using a five-point scale.

Post Course Survey

The Student Post Course Survey contains survey questions designed to measure student perceptions in five domains using a five-point scale: (a) Overall experience, (b) Student perceptions of their learning, (c) Course content and materials, (d) Professor’s performance within the course, and (e) Systems, devices, and processes used for course activities and communications.

Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL)

The Priorities Survey for Online Learners is a student satisfaction survey nationally administered by Ruffalo Noel Levitz and is conducted yearly by the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE). The PSOL is the only survey instrument designed specifically for students enrolled in online learning programs that allows national comparisons with other online distance learning institutions. There are 36 inventory items in which students are asked to rate Northcentral programs and services on both importance and satisfaction using a seven-point scale. Advising, enrollment, student services, instructional services, and institutional perceptions are among the institutional characteristics surveyed.

Student Withdrawal Survey

Students who withdraw from Northcentral University are surveyed to determine their reasons for withdrawing from the university and their recommendations for improvements to help identify strategies for improvement.

Additional Surveys

OPIE supports ongoing survey needs and requests for individual research needs to programmatic accreditation and more. Some examples include, but are not limited to: