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New Students

What to Expect

Whether you are pursuing your first degree in an online fashion, NCU's online experience is unlike any other. At Northcentral, you will interact one-on-one with the professor of your course, getting meaningful feedback on assignments and valuable direction. All of our programs, with the exception of Marriage and Family Therapy, are 100% online, meaning you'll never have to travel or go out of your way for events, other than graduation.

You can expect to dedicate significant time and effort into each project, but with no group assignments, you schedule your studies around your time and no one else's. Most assignments are due on Sunday at midnight allowing you to create your own study schedule that fits your personal and professional obligations. Depending on what you can handle, you may be able to overlap courses in order to complete your program faster. If your life is too hectic for multiple courses at once, simply take one course at a time. The flexibility of online learning makes it ideal for working professionals to go back to school without the hassles of commuting, scheduling courses around work hours, and communicating with students to complete group assignments.

Student Resources

The NCU Course Room

As a student at NCU, all of your academic exchanges will take place within the NCU Course Room. It contains course syllabi, assignments, faculty information and the course gradebook. In addition, the Course Room includes added content delivery features, such as video chats, live lecture capabilities, quizzes, surveys, and embedded video. Students can login by visiting

The Commons

This private academic network provides you with the opportunity to build and participate in online communities that include other students and faculty members. Within The Commons, you can share information through live “Facebook-like” activity streams, and curate your academic identity and connections – while keeping these activities separate from your personal social networks.

NCU Library

One of the resources you’ll use most frequently at NCU is our extensive online library. The NCU Library is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers searchable databases containing full-text articles and abstracts of leading publications in fields relevant to all degree programs. In addition, interlibrary loans give you access to publications from hundreds of libraries nationwide. Our librarians are also available to help you navigate the library and available resources.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively while adhering to The American Psychological Association (APA) editorial style, the standard we use for scholarly writing at Northcentral. Not only can you obtain support materials, but you can receive writing assistance as well. ASC also provides support by offering Academic Coaches who can assist you in learning content, in addition to learning the skills and attitudes needed for program success.

Dissertation Center

Our specially designed support center can help you develop a dissertation of the highest quality. We provide convenient access to style guides and a general overview of dissertation structure. You’ll also find a section for each of our Schools that provides discipline-specific updates and helpful information describing each dissertation process.

Getting Started

The best way to apply is to speak to one of our Enrollment Advisors, let us do the work for you. If you wish to get started before speaking to an advisor, visit and complete the first 3 steps of the application process. After application Step 3, you will need to be connected to an advisor so that we can complete your application for enrollment. Here's how to get started:


Application Step 1: Create your Account
By providing us the information in Step 1, you will be able to revisit your application should you be unable to finish today.

Application Step 2: Demographic/Employment/Financial Aid Eligibility
Here you will fill out your personal information, select your preferred degree program, and preferred start date. This step will help determine whether or not you qualify for any tuition benefits. This will also provide contact information to Northcentral and allow us to start the process of your enrollment.

Application Step 3: Previous Education
Enter your previous education in this step so that we can begin evaluation and ensure that the proper course schedule and requirements are outlined and communicated clearly. After this step, your information will be shared with our advisors and they will be in touch to help you complete the rest of the application.