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Foreign Credential Students

Welcome, Foreign Credential Students

National University was founded to provide working professionals around the world with unprecedented access to richly engaging, professionally-relevant, and an academically-rigorous education from a U.S. university. As a regionally accredited, private, online and graduate-focused university, NU offers degrees in business, technology, education, health sciences, psychology and marriage and family therapy. NU utilizes a one-to-one learning model—one student is paired with a professor in each course—to create a more personalized, individual experience for students enhanced by their professors’ real-world experience.

National University is a great choice for the independent, self-motivated international student who seeks a premier graduate degree from a regionally accredited American university but without the requirement of residency in the U.S. In fact, you don’t need to travel to the U.S. to gain your advanced degree from NU because you engage with your professors 100% online! At NU, we value diversity of thought and action as a strength that allows our academic community to transcend organizational and geographical boundaries. We invite you to join us.

NU Offers Foreign Credential Students:

Unparalleled flexibility – Pursuing your education shouldn’t disrupt your schedule.
  • Weekly course starts
  • Courses between 8 and 12 weeks
  • 100% online coursework
  • No residency requirements
Premier – All courses are taught by our experienced, all-doctoral professors.
  • Regionally accredited
  • Focused on advanced degrees
  • One-to-one learning approach
  • Class size of one
  • Teaching through feedback
Tailored to you – NU was designed for self-starters like you.
  • No group projects
  • No group class times to consider
  • You determine your studying schedule
  • It’s just you and your professor in the “classroom”

We Welcome Foreign Credential Students

If you live outside the United States, are not a U.S. citizen or earned your previous degree at a college or university outside the U.S., you are considered a foreign credential student as defined by NU admissions.

National University requires all foreign credential students to have the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree for acceptance to a master’s program and the equivalent of a U.S. master’s degree for a doctoral program.

NU requires potential foreign credential students to have their academic credentials evaluated through a third party agency.

If you have not previously been taught in English you may be required to pass an English proficiency examination (TOEFL / IELTS). To learn more about gaining your master’s, applied doctorate or PhD from NU, we invite you to do so by starting the process here. Fill out our Foreign Credential Student Welcome Survey at the bottom of the page.

After submission of your survey, an NU Admissions Advisor will contact you to take your application over the phone.

NU’s Programs, Tuition and Fees

National University offers a breadth of programs across five schools. We also pride ourselves in being completely transparent when it comes to tuition and fees. Currently, items not directly related to your program are not included in the cost per course rates, you can view tuition information here.