Discover a New Career with an Advanced Degree

Gayle Cicero wanted to make a difference in public education, but she knew that her position in the central office of a large school district would not allow her the opportunity to do so. She also knew that in the current economic environment she could not risk leaving the security of her existing job. 

For those like Gayle who are looking to advance in their current companies, or those wishing to discover a new career altogether, an advanced degree can take the detective work out of finding your dream job. The recession has led to a national unemployment rate of 9.5 percent, making every job interview more valuableand rarer.  In order to surpass the competition an applicant needs an advantagean advanced degree.

An advanced degree sets an individual apart from others in the competition in downward economy and its associated unemployment rate; however, these same factors make it more difficult to afford the necessary schooling. This volatile cycle can be countered by an educational institution that allows Students to earn a degree at their own pace, under limited financial burden and with the aid of expert mentors.             

Northcentral University is an accredited online university with a variety of programs in industries that continue to hire despite the recession. The cost of tuition at an online university like Northcentral is a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. Furthermore, Northcentral Universitys unique faculty mentored approach allows each Student to build valuable relationships and establish contacts within their respective fields while still in school, allowing them greater opportunities for job placement after graduation.          

If you are still working to detect your dream job, put down the magnifying glass and take a closer look at the opportunities that surface with an advanced degree from an accredited online university. Northcentral University offers a wide spectrum of degree options and major programsso put your sleuthing to good use and discover which of these is right for you.

Gayle Cicero was able to achieve her goal of making a difference. She graduated from Northcentral University in May with a PhD in organizational leadership, which she was able to earn while working full time in her existing career.

"Clearly finance plays a part in selecting an institution," Gayle explains. "But quite frankly the flexibility combined with the financial helped me make that decision. Northcentral Universitys setup allowed me to work with the rhythm of my own job."

"I have recommended Northcentral University to professional colleagues," continues Gayle. "Because I do believe that the programs flexibility and high academic standards lends itself to those wanting to make a difference."

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