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Preparing You for Tomorrow’s Collaborative Healthcare Field Today

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing healthcare environment, high-quality care is provided by individuals who recognize the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare, and who are educated, trained and skilled in collaborative practices. Individuals who provide culturally competent and quality care will help improve outcomes. Additionally, individuals who can manage and lead healthcare organizations will be in demand, as the need for experts in applied health administration grows. To better navigate the healthcare system to ultimately improve outcomes, it is important that communication and collaboration exist among those providing, coordinating, and administering care.

Northcentral University’s School of Health Sciences will integrate Interprofessional Education (IPE) and collaborative practice into each academic program. As the complexity of issues impacting patients’ health increases, the School is dedicated to preparing students who are highly competent and skilled at collaborating with others in the field to address patient and industry needs.

Our faculty all hold doctoral degrees, are leaders in their respective disciplines, and experts in teaching interprofessional competencies in healthcare. They will impart the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that are key to successfully working across the professions to improve precise health outcomes and systems in unique contexts.

NCU is proud to announce that the School of Health Sciences will closely collaborate with NCU’s School of Education to offer nurse education specializations. This effort ensures that our curriculum and outcomes align with current health industry trends consistent with the programs listed above.

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