Diversity Word CloudAt Northcentral University, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity in education through our faculty and student body, which is distributed around the world. As a University, we embrace the value of equity in education and aim to maintain varied, inclusive representation among our faculty, team members and students. We support the diverse nature of our community by creating an environment in which the members of our global community experience educational growth, success and feel connected by a common thread: NCU.

In support of NCU's commitment to overall diversification, we established a Diversity Committee to place greater attention on diversity-related initiatives. This committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss initiatives, share ideas and ensure a consistent emphasis is being placed on the importance of diversity throughout the University as a whole. Initiatives include, but are not limited to fostering positive engagement within global and local communities, promoting policies and practices, enhancing program offerings in alignment with Northcentral's global vision and working to remove barriers to quality education.

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