Student Login

NCU is in the process of improving your learning experience by launching a new Learning Management System (LMS).

Desire To Learn is the company we are working with to implement world class technology for this effort. It will take time to migrate all of our courses into the new LMS which means some of you will experience the new LMS, called NCUOne, earlier than others. All students will eventually have their courses in NCUOne . You will be notified a few weeks in advance of when you will begin to see your courses in NCUOne.

Our current LMS, called Course Room, is pictured below on the left. The new LMS, NCUOne, is pictured on the right. Based on these images you know which LMS your course is in, so click the appropriate image below to log into your class.

The following programs are currently being taught in NCUOne: MS-OL, PhD-OL, MSTIM, PHDTIM, MSA, MSFP.