Northcentral Insights and Stories

NCU student Lynnette Jimenez, Bright Future scholarship recipient
Mar 19 2018
Education can make the difference between dreaming and achieving. For some, however, access to education is an overwhelming obstacle standing in between them and a better tomorrow.
benefits of an online education at NCU
Mar 13 2018
Online courses are nowadays getting the acceptance they once never had, and they’re especially beneficial to professionals looking to hone their skill sets, enhance their chances of landing better-paying jobs, or secure leadership roles in their respective organizations. But the big question is: Is online continuing education really worth it?
NCU alumni Dr. Susan Paris
Mar 9 2018
Serving in the U.S. Army from 1978 to 1981, Dr. Susan Paris was a Medical Laboratory Technician (92B). Her proudest moment of her military career was providing medical support to the 2nd Armored Division during Wintrex, a training exercise in Germany.
NCU Master’s in Health Administration
Mar 6 2018
It is a given that health care is a need that is shared by everyone, regardless of age, status or background. Many agree that it is a human right. Meeting these needs requires close coordination among health professionals of all disciplines, including educated administrators trained to unify and streamline the process. For those who want to work behind the scenes to improve the system and enhance patient outcomes, the right education is critical.
NCU alumni Dr. Timothy E. Hill
Mar 2 2018
Earning his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Timothy E. Hill is currently a Functional Analyst, Senior Principal for CACI, International, Inc., an information technology company headquartered in Arlington, VA.