Time Management Strategies - Balance Family And School During The Holidays

Time management strategies

The Holidays. They’re a time to reflect on your youth—the anticipation of gifts and the delightful scents of holiday feasts wafting from the kitchen. But being a college student can turn dreams of reindeers into workhorses.  Some people may think that taking online college classes doesn’t require the time-management skills that involve attending on-campus classes. Sure, online college classes offer somewhat more flexibility, but you must be self-motivated to accomplish your class work to the best of your abilities.

The convenience of online learning allows you more control of your educational process. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of self-destiny. If you don’t get the work done, you have no one to blame but yourself. That’s why proper time-management skills can help online students manage the stress that comes with getting an education despite the distractions of the holiday season.

Some online classes have set times that students must abide by, while others have archived lectures that must be viewed by a certain date. The best time-management tool to use when it comes to finding time for your classes is being proactive. Your online education deserves respect to make the most of it, so invest your time wisely. Plan ahead of holiday disruptions and review your course outlines. Don’t be caught by surprise. Track your assignments and don’t wait until the day before deadlines to accomplish them. Stay ahead of the game. A successful online education begins with the good habits you develop early on in the process. Just as you must reserve time to study, likewise set aside time, perhaps at day’s end, for social media. Don’t let it distract you all hours of the day.

Cramming for college exams is both a rite of passage and a hindrance. As an online student, you have an advantage in the ability to continuously review lecture material in advance of the exams. If you are an active participant in your classes, then your ability to retain information for exams increases. Do not leave exam studying until the last possible minute.  The benefits of online classes are the advance availability of exam materials for study. Master them. Don’t let them master you.

Self-discipline and good time-management skills are integral in taking ownership and attaining the success of your online education. Here are some helpful steps:

Set priorities. Make lists and stick to them.

Know thyself. Are you a morning person or night owl? Schedule accordingly.

Be proactive. Look at the big picture, but don’t let molehills become mountains due to last-minute stress.

Get your ZZZs.  A clear mind retains material better than a stressed one.

Know your go time. Don’t let friends and family guilt you into blowing tests.

Prepare for the unexpected. Stuff happens, especially around the holidays. Don’t let them become horror days.

Earning a college degree is stressful enough. Take time to study as well as to enjoy the holiday season. Remember, you’re giving yourself the best gift of all- a college education.