Northcentral University Introduces New Approach to Data Science Graduate Education

Feb 19 2018

Data science degrees align directly to the industry’s lifecycle, enabling graduates to leverage learnings far into the future

SAN DIEGO, CA (February 19, 2018) – Northcentral University’s School of Technology, led by Dean J. Robert Sapp, EdD, has announced a groundbreaking approach to data science graduate education, now available through the school’s Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science programs.

The current demand for data scientists is irrefutable. In fact, IBM and the Business-Higher Education Forum estimate that there will be 2.7 million open data and analytics positions in the US by 2020. What’s more, the industry itself is changing in real time, with continuous advancements and new applications across every sector. 

As higher education institutions race to meet the market need for qualified data scientists, the emerging requirements challenge the status quo for preparing these professionals for the jobs of tomorrow. The core issue? Tomorrow’s jobs will be entirely different than they are today.  

Most colleges and universities have programs that focus on specific areas of data science such as data management, quantitative methods, or data. The Northcentral University (NCU) programs emphasize the complete data science lifecycle and the transitions between each phase. This curriculum alignment is a critical element in the School of Technology’s master’s and doctorate programs.

“We believe we are the first to take this approach to data science education,” says Dr. Sapp. “By working with real data sets and standard tools, our students will develop a holistic understanding of the entire process of data science and not just selected elements and partial processes.”

The Master of Science begins with an investigation of the key process and tools in the data science lifecycle. Students will progress through classes in applied research design and learn to select, acquire, and prepare data for analysis. The quantitative analysis portion of the program includes descriptive and inferential statistics with an emphasis on selecting the appropriate quantitative model for the research. Students will learn to evaluate and interpret the output from the models they run. The instruction emphasizes multiple means for reporting the outcome of research in actionable methods, including textual, tabular and graphical formats.   Key courses in the program include Database Systems and Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Inferential Statistics and Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization.

NCU’s data science doctoral students will dig even deeper into the phases of the life cycle, gaining more skills and knowledge in advanced areas such as Big Data Integration, Multivariate Analysis, and Experimental Methods.  The doctoral program emphasizes the application of these techniques in industry contexts. Students will be encouraged to select data sets and conduct analysis that is most appropriate to their areas of interest. The NCU School of Technology will work very closely with all doctoral candidates to support their dissertation research in an area that excites and challenges them.

“While we have selected tools and applications that represent the standards of the industry, our instruction is focused on the processes and concept that underlie the tasks in data science,” Dr. Sapp explains. “The programs will change. New tools will emerge. But the application of the theories associated with data science will continue to be relevant long after these changes occur.”

At the core of NCU’s new methodology is an understanding of just how embedded technology and data have become in the modern world. No longer relegated to classrooms or Silicon Valley, the next generation of data scientists will work to authenticate art, conduct medical research, and even prevent fraud in the finance sector.

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