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Congratulations to PhD Student Jessica Sowalsky (PhD, E-Learning)!

Jessica's entry, "I chose NCU because of the one student one mentor per course atmosphere. An added bonus was having an online KDP chapter." won with 23.77% of the vote.

Thank you to all participants!

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Submitter #WhyNCU Entry
David Bailey, PhD-PSY I chose NCU because of your accrediting levels along with the individualized faculty mentoring. Please get a Psi Chi chapter!
Scott McKinney, PhD-BA Accredited, adaptable, attentive.
Travis Hill, DBA I chose NCU because of the willingness to work with the learners
Lisa Brown, MAPSY As a single mom of three daughters, there just weren't enough hours in a day to even think about going to school for a long time. Despite having a BA, I have worked as a server in a local restaurant for the last 14 years. This allowed me to be home when my girls were home. Now that two of my girls are in college and youngest in high school, I decided it was time for me to do something for me. I still work six days a week at my job in order to pay the bills so I wasn't sure how I was going to go back to school. That's why I started looking at earning my Master's in Health Psychology online. I spent a lot of time researching different online universities and many of them required classroom time as well as online work. One school even requires their students to meet up twice a year at a place to be announced later and spend the weekend! I could never work that into my schedule or leave my youngest home alone so that school was definitely out. Once I found Northcentral, I knew I had found my fit. I was thrilled to find the Health Psychology program and so glad that I would be able to work on my own. I love the one on one feedback with the mentors because I did not like my undergrad courses that required student feedback on assignments. Since I can work all week on one assignment, I fit in schoolwork around the rest of my life. I am still able to work six days a week at my job, and can still find time for meals with my daughters at the end of the day. Northcentral was the perfect fit for me.
April Hite, MAPSY I chose NCU because the first academic adviser I spoke with was so very empathetic and compassionate about the college. With the first word out of her mouth I felt at home. I felt like I had knew everyone therafter for years. I dropped out of high school in 9th grade, got a GED and it took a suicide attempt to get my eyes open that I could go to college and be something special. I have 4 years clean off drugs too. NCU has given me the confidence that I can do anything I can imagine! I have learned more about myself though the classes I have taken at NCU than anything in my entire life. THANK YOU NCU!
Ken Horowitz, EdD I chose NCU because it offered me the most flexibility for pursuing my doctorate degree. As an adjunct instructor at two universities and the father of two small children, I needed an institution that would not require a residency and that would allow me to set my own schedule for classes. NCU's EdD program has allowed me great flexibility for doing classwork and my dissertation, and it let me continue my career and family life without major interruption. The great attention I've received in the program has kept me motivated and enthusiastic about completing my degree, and the pride I feel in achieving a 4.0 average while teaching multiple classes and tending to a family convinces me that I made the right choice. Thank you for making my dream a reality, NCU!
Chad Brown, PhD-BA Provide doctoral degree to help solve real-world business problems for Master in Project Management degrees
Jessica Sowalsky, PhD-Ed I chose NCU because of the one student one mentor per course atmosphere. An added bonus was having an online KDP chapter.
John Carrol, DBA I chose NCU because of the 24/7, 365 classroom couples with meeting my educational requirements perfectly.
Miche Bove, PhD-BA NCU offered Organizational Psych as a PhD program. After researching my options, NCU was the best fit! I feel successful already.
Cathy Prindle, EdD Northcentral University has been wonderful for me! The appeal to me came from the affordability, the accreditation, and the flexibility I had to work and still pursue my dream of getting a doctorate. Living in a rural area, a three hour drive from the nearest university to offer a doctoral program, it would have been near to impossible for me to achieve my dream. With Northcentral University, I was able to stay at home and still study. Pursuing a doctorate has been hard, hard work, but my dream has almost been fulfilled. Currently, I am working on what should be my final dissertation draft. The support I have had from the staff at NCU has been outstanding. My mentor and dissertation chairperson has been so supportive and uplifting, cheering me on at times I could have given up. It has been the hardest journey I have ever taken, and I would not have missed it for the world! Without Northcentral University, this dream of having a doctorate would have been just that, a dream. It has become a reality. THANK YOU, Northcentral University, and especially my mentor, Dr. Stillman.
DeAundra McKinnis, MBA Why not!?
Matt Potter, PhD-BA Northcentral University was the best for me because of many reasons. The college promotes a program that appeals to the individual needs of its student body. I have always wanted to go for my PhD ever since I was in high school but I was worried about the rigor and the workload. That's when I found NCU. The college provides a program that considers the workload of a busy adult life and it has so far proven to be challenging, engaging, but most importantly rewarding. NCU also provides a personalized approach to the curriculum. I continually get feedback from my current mentor as well as my academic advisor. Every other month, my academic advisor reaches out to me and checks in to make sure I am doing well and I am handling the workload fine. This personalized approach provides a sense of investment and care from the staff of NCU. In addition to this, NCU is reasonably priced and the benefits far out way the cost of the program. Overall, I am extremely excited and pleased with the program so far and I thank NCU for providing me an experience that I will never forget!
Corey Parrish, DBA Where do I begin? Northcentral University has allowed me to fulfill many dreams and aspirations I have had over the past several years. After earning my MS in psychology from another online university, I chose to find a school that would fit into my life better and allow me to still be the husband, father, and student I could be. Here at Northcentral University, I can get a one on one professor student relationship to help individualize my educational goals, needs, and wants. Furthermore, NCU has the proper accreditation for my Doctoral program that specializes in business. Holding these different accreditations on the regional level as well as per program concentration helps show my education is of the highest level. This degree also comes with a lower cost than other universities and or colleges which, in today's economy, definitely helpful.
Laurel Whiteway, MAPSY Because students work directly with their mentor, they receive feedback that provides insight into real-life circumstances. The activities are both challenging and varied. I was able to use many of the presentations and hand-outs I created as learning tools for my own students. Finally, NCU provided me with an advisor that gave me support all along the journey.
Christina Fosbrink, EdD view this Why NCU submission on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/78203512
Melissa Hankins, BEd I chose NCU because of their partnership with Rio Salado College. It allowed me to take a majority of my credits at Rio, finishing up at NCU. Plus I love the one to one mentoring.