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!As a result of the merger between Northcentral University and National University - the JD program is now the JFK School of Law at National University.
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Natalya F., JFK School of Law Graduate:
"My favorite part of my JFK experience was the professors. For a small school, there are phenomenal professors who are respected in the legal field and are some of the smartest people I have ever met. The faculty and JFK administration truly care about their students, even after they are gone, and want to be part of every step of the students' journey.

My degree has helped me with my confidence as a person and as a member of my community. This degree gives you a way to make real change. As an attorney you can help people on their darkest days. The law is there to protect people, but those who are victims need someone to advocate on their behalf, so the law can protect them. My degree is something I am very proud of, especially because of the sacrifices I made to obtain it, and the people I am going to help with it.

My advice for those interested in pursuing a law degree is that law school is not for the faint of heart. It takes sheer will and determination; it takes a person who is serious and never gives up. When you start law school and until you pass the bar, it is very difficult for any other thing or person to be important. This short time frame devoted to law school needs your undivided attention, and it must be your priority. That is not to say you cannot work or have a social life, but there are sacrifices that you’ll have to make."

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Dennis S., JFK School of Law Graduate:
"As I was looking at law schools, I assessed what was important to me: quality education, affordability, personalized instruction and small classes, and ability to fit my busy schedule. What really stood out to me about the JFK School of Law was that it met all of my requirements, particularly its affordability and how connected the professors are to their students. Being a fully virtual, accredited JD program sets JFK School of Law apart from most other schools or programs. Working full time means that my time is limited. But with class office hours and synchronous sessions scheduled in the evening, I feel like I’m not missing out on the law school experience. I am just as engaged in class with my classmates as I would be in a classroom setting.

Enrollment into the JFK School of Law was very easy. I received clear communication from my advisor about scheduling and enrolling in classes, what the tuition amounts would be, important academic calendar dates to remember, etc. My advisor has been wonderful to work with, and very helpful when I’ve had questions.

My favorite thing about the JFK School of Law so far has been the engagement with the professors and my study group. Each one of my professors has spent individual time with me to help me understand assignments and legal topics, provide thoughtful responses to my email questions and my assignments. I’ve also formed a really great study group with some wonderful folks from across the country. Given that the school is a virtual program, we can engage with classmates from other states who have the same desire to study the law.

The JFK School of Law provides amazing legal resources to students. I’ve enjoyed working with the Legal Writing Coach on several occasions which has helped unblock my thought process and focus my writing. The Legal Writing Coach has helped with essay exam preparations, provided guidance on writing assignments, and reviewed assignments prior to final submission. Having a Legal Writing Coach available to students is an incredible benefit that makes JFK School of Law even more worthwhile.

My advice to others looking to pursue their law degree online is this: be ready to own your success. The JFK School of Law will provide the tools, the resources, and the instruction. But it’s up to the student to take those tools, resources, and instruction and turn it into mastery of the subject matter.

I would also advise students to reach out to their professors at every step of the way whenever something doesn’t make sense. The professors and law school staff truly care about the success of the students. I have felt supported from the first day of orientation, and that support has only grown as I’ve progressed through my first year.""

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Kate M., JFK School of Law Graduate:
"At the time I applied for the paralegal program, I was working full-time and needed to attend school outside of my work hours. The paralegal program was an ABA-accredited program, which assured me that I would receive a quality education. Indeed, I received such a quality education in the certificate program that the chair at the time and now current Dean of the JFK School of Law, recommended I enroll inthe law school.

With her recommendation, I was able to transition to the law school only four weeks after completion of the paralegal certificate program. The enrollment process was very easy and smooth, both for the paralegal certificate program and law school. My favorite thing about my experience at the JFK School of Law is the lifelong friendships I have established with both faculty and fellow classmates. However, receiving the legal education that enabled me to pass the Bar exam the first time and secure employment in the legal field is a close second. The online textbooks and communication with faculty and staff have been exceptionally helpful.

I am now a practicing attorney and an adjunct professor. The firm where I work now has an internship program for students in the paralegal program – it is one way that I can give back to the program that helped me get to where I am."

"Change is the law of life. And those who look
only to the past are certain to miss the future"

-John F. Kennedy

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Juris Doctor

The NCU Juris Doctor program is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners for the State Bar of California and emphasizes clinical and practical skills training in the realm of public interest law and social justice, rather than only theoretical.

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Service to Community

The JFK School of Law is dedicated to serving local communities in the delivery of low and no cost legal services. All law students will have the opportunity to participate in public interest internships, as well as work under the supervision of attorneys in one of our clinical programs to earn academic credit. This work enriches the communities in which our students live and provides them with a practical learning experience.

Our Graduates Say It Best

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“My degree has helped me with my confidence as a person and as a member of my community. This degree gives you a way to make real change.”
Natalya F, School of Law Graduate

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“The online experience afforded me great flexibility in determining when to complete assignments. Unlike on-campus classes, if a time conflict arose, I had the freedom to adjust my schedule without unnecessary stress or having to make alternate arrangements with my professors. I felt tremendous support from the faculty and staff at the JFK School of Law. There were also ample academic resources and faculty and staff who were rooting for me along the way. I believe that is rare in higher education and I am deeply grateful for those who made my degrees possible and who walked alongside me on the way.”
Kate M., JFK School of Law Graduate

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“My advice to anyone thinking about starting the program would be this: If you’re ready to see the world differently, then take the plunge. You will be supported, you will make new connections from across the United States, you will be changed for the better, and you will do this at an amazing school that genuinely cares about your success!”
Dennis S., JFK School of Law Student

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