International Students

Join Northcentral University’s international community of scholars.

The development of the Internet has given all of us the exciting opportunity to share information and learn without having to leave our homes. At Northcentral University, we’re taking full advantage of this opportunity by offering a U.S. regionally accredited graduate education experience to students and working professionals around the world who share our passion for excellence in higher education.

Northcentral is diverse by nature, and inclusive by design. As part of our international community of scholars, you will be challenged in how and what you think as you examine new ideas and research and cultivate your own theories. We value diversity of thought and action as a strength that allows our academic community to transcend organizational and geographical boundaries and we want to invite you to be a part of it.

We Welcome International Students

If you live outside the United States, are not a U.S. citizen, or earned your previous degree at a college or university outside the U.S., you may be an international student as defined by Northcentral University for admissions purposes.

The Northcentral Standard

At NCU, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic excellence, accessibility and student support. Our programs are designed with your success in mind without sacrificing quality or academic and personal integrity. It also means that we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our programs while maintaining a student-centered focus that ensures you have the flexibility and support you need to succeed.

Here is what you can expect from a Northcentral education experience:

Earn a professionally relevant degree from a U.S. regionally accredited University.

Northcentral prides itself in offering regionally accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Business, Education, Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. Our degree programs are designed with the help of experts in the field to support your future success by providing coursework that utilizes experiential learning and keeps pace with changes in your area of emphasis, which can help increase your marketability upon graduation.

Partner with our 100% doctoral faculty.

We only hire full-time faculty who have earned their doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the discipline in which they will teach or develop curricula. We want our students to have the benefit of working with faculty who know what it takes to complete an advanced degree program and have developed the skills to apply what they’ve learned to their careers. As a student at NCU, you’ll have the advantage of their knowledge and experience as they share the practical wisdom they’ve learned throughout their own professional and educational journeys.

Work One-to-One with faculty for a personalized learning experience.

Our one-to-one mentoring model was developed to partner one student with one professor in each course (through email, over the phone, video conferencing, or other technologies). The principles behind Northcentral’s approach have a long history in the world’s most renowned brick-and-mortar universities, but thanks to our 100% online, distance-based approach, we have been able to take our learning model to a higher degree. The result is a premier education that is geared to scholars who are driven to maximize their education and achieve their own particular dreams.

Northcentral has no physical residency requirements.

Our degree programs are carried out online without any physical residency requirements, which means no relocating, no unexpected travel, and no disrupting your personal and professional life. In other words, you can be a part of the Northcentral learning community regardless of your geographic location, as long as you have access to the Internet and fulfill our admissions requirements. The only time you might see us in person is if you decide to attend your graduation at our annual commencement ceremony in the beautiful state of Arizona!

If you are looking to join a diverse community of international scholars united by common interests and goals, you’ve come to the right place!

Dr. Thomas Thompson, Jamaica, 2011 Dissertation of the Year Award Winner, discusses his experience as an international student of Northcentral University

Our International Community Includes Students and Faculty!

Did You Know? NCU students are working towards achieving their educational and professional goals in more than 50 countries around the world.

Our faculty is as diverse as our student body. They mentor students from all over the world, providing valuable feedback and support while working to master the elements of our online delivery method and effective communication practices. NCU believes in the value of providing our students with faculty who know what it takes to complete an advanced degree and have developed the skills to apply what they’ve learned to their careers, which is why we only hire faculty who have completed their doctorate. We are proud to have such accomplished academic minds as part of our community.


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