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Great Start: The Next Step in your Academic Journey

Pursuing your education at any degree level is a big commitment, and choosing a school and program is an important decision to make. That’s why we created Great Start, a free resource that guides your decision to take the next step in your educational journey.

Great Start will cover topics that are meant to help you answer the fundamental questions related to your next degree. Each module will cover different topics, such as how and where to study, leveraging your support system, and building relationships with faculty. It will also show you how to research schools and programs and explain the importance of accreditation and academic support services to help you find the right fit. Great Start will present crucial graduate-level skills that will be developed throughout your program, all of which can be applied at any degree level. Curious to see what it’s like to go to school online? Included in Great Start is a simulation of an online classroom so that you can get a feel for what the online experience is like.

No matter what university you choose to attend, we hope this resource provides guidance in your decision-making and allows you that great start in your program.

To access Great Start, click here. You will be prompted to create your free account on the Skillo platform. Remember your credentials so you can come back to Great Start at any time.