Thinking About Furthering Your Education? Check Out Our Great Start Resource.

Choosing a graduate school and program is a big decision. From finding which university is best for you to figuring out whether you should attend online or on campus, we know there is a lot to consider.

That's why we created Great Start, a no-cost, self-guided resource that supports you by answering the important questions you have, allowing you to confidently pursue your graduate degree. Get only the information you're looking for, in the time you need it.

Watch the video below to hear NCU President Dr. David Harpool share a little more about how Great Start can support you in taking the next steps in your educational journey.

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Great Start is designed to help you answer all the questions you have about pursuing your graduate degree. All you have to do is click here to begin. Just create a username and password for instant access to these self-paced modules.

Here are just a few of the fundamental topics our modules cover:

  • Understanding the relevance of accreditation
  • Learning how and where to study
  • Leveraging your support system
  • Building relationships with faculty in an outline platform
  • Researching schools and programs
  • Financing your education
  • Understanding the importance of academic support services

Great Start even provides you with an online classroom simulation so you can experience what it's like to take online classes! Once you have answers to all your questions, you'll know which path is the right one and which school is the best fit.

To access Great Start, click here. You will be prompted to create your free account on the Skillo platform. Remember - this resource is self-guided, so you can come back to Great Start at any time.

Access Great Start Now!