Pledge of Public Accountability

The decision to attend an institution of higher education involves a significant financial commitment. At Northcentral University, we believe that any decision to do so should be supported by clear and accurate information.  Our website provides pertinent information to all prospective and current students including the following:

Program Information, including costs, curriculum requirements, graduation rates, and median student indebtedness for each program; Northcentral University accreditation and approvals; Employment Data for recent graduates, as available; Contact Information for Northcentral University administrative offices; Names and titles of the University trusteesadministration, and academic leadershipFaculty Credentials, including the names and academic qualifications of current core faculty members. We also commit ourselves to:

  • Efficiently transfer applicable academic credit upon receiving and evaluating an incoming student's official transcript; and
  • Communicate clearly in writing whether completion of a given program will qualify a student for licensure in a career field; and
  • Communicate to each student, upon acceptance of her/his application, the estimated amount of financial aid she or he will receive.